A healing session is a great way to raise your frequency, balance your energy bodies and release what no longer serves you. A healing session will help bring back all parts of yourself in harmony with each other and thus all the different aspects of your life. A healing session is a holistic approach to wellness and success however that may look like for yourself. A healing session aims to give you more ‘life force’ energy and to give you the chance to improve in a very special and loving way…



Why Book a Session with Mace

My Process

When I do a healing session, I include several healing modalities and healing energies.

Some notable mentions of the session are that I have been attuned to Lightarian Reiki and Kundalini Reiki. This amplifies the energy MASSIVELY. When we talk about Reiki healing it is ‘Usui Reiki Healing’. This is standard. In this session as well as other forms of healing I will be channelling the HIGHEST AVAILABLE healing Reiki energies. This among other things like going through numerous DNA activations, and the other sessions I offer as services to you. A demonstration of how this healing energy is received can be by explaining the strength of the systems I have been attuned to. This may be of even more interest to you if you are a healer yourself.


Kundalini Reiki


Kundalini Reiki is one of the strongest forms of Reiki. It is said to be 300% stronger than traditional ‘usui’ Reiki. It gets its strength from not only opening up and increasing the flow of Reiki energy in the channelers body but it also activates the Kundalini allowing the channeler to increase the Reiki strength by drawing extra frequencies from the earth.


Lightarian Reiki


This form of Reiki is especially powerful! In fact, the Lightarian Institute claim that once you are attuned to the highest level (VI). You are able to channel Reiki and the same vibrational level as an Ascended Master! Usui Reiki is Band one, and you may have heard of Karuna Reiki (I am also attuned to) and that is Band two. Well, Lightarian Reiki covers bands 3-6! So you will receive the highest strength Reiki energy you can currently handle.




I have been attuned to Shamballa Reiki and its multidimensional higher strength attunements. This means that more I AM presence is mixed with the Reiki energy and



The Seichim energies are great energies to combine in a healing session and are very compassionate in nature. You can think of them being left brained energies whilst reiki called be called right brain energies.


999 Frequency Energies


999 frequency energies are the highest frequency energies of the angelic realms! These are great for assisting spiritual growth, ascension, raising your frequency and psychic development.


How they interlink?


Sometimes I get questions about energies linking and mixing can be a bad thing? I do not hold this opinion myself. It’s great to receive multi energies because each energy will be better at healing or be assisting you with a certain issue. For example, You may want to work on raising your vibration, then you may want to do some deep work in a certain energy body. If we use different energies and techniques we can do SO much more within our healing sessions and you receive FAR GREATER and EFFECTIVE healing sessions!

Whilst I will use different energies in my healing sessions I will also combine different techniques and modalities too! This is too again achieve the greatest results I think are possible and to ensure everything is balanced and optimized. 🙂

“So a Healing session is like your own personal/spiritual MOT”

These healing energies act in synergy to give you a HUGE boost to your personal energy and help heal all of the following: Mind, Body, SPIRIT. Give yourself a tune-up. If you haven’t had one for a while (a month or two) Then you will greatly benefit from one.

The Process

You need to give me your name and then I will intuitively connect and send you healing energy, Reiki, life force until I feel you have been cleared and charged up. When you receive Reiki energy, it helps you emotionally, spiritually, mentally and even physically! This type of energy work helps to create a balance in all areas of your life and is working even if you believe it or not! Try it out and notice the quantifiable results in your mood, life, and random “chance” experiences. Reiki energy works as infinite intelligence so it knows exactly what you need and what needs to be worked on! Even more than yourself!

Reiki is “universal life force” energy. It’s what everything is made up of. Reiki healing is done by channeling that energy and directing it to either yourself or others. You would receive that Reiki energy and your mind/body/spirit would be able to use that energy to heal itself. You don’t have to consciously do anything, your mind/body/spirit will know exactly what to do!

The process I propose for this healing would be:

  1. Activation of a 12-dimensional shield and remove anything that can hinder the session from being effective.
  2. Read, balance, align and heal your chakras.
  3. I will also use ethereal crystals to boost the energy before the session begins and then after to help each of the chakras after (This is done by placing ethereal crystals on each chakra).
  4. Balance and optimize the energy structures; Etheric Body and cord cutting, Aura, Kundalini, Chakras, Meridians.
  5. Full healing session.
  6. Soul Reclamation plus infusing you with pearls of wisdom from your higher self to bring you more knowledge and EMBODY more of your higher self!

To book your DEEP healing session, click the link below:

> Book the Ultimate Healing Session <


Mace [Reiki Box Healing]


Ps. If you are a healer yourself and you are interested in easily 10x your healing abilities, then email me at: mace@reikiboxhealing.com


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