Following a DNA activation, it is wise to consider taking some supplements. These are commonly agreed on by many DNA Activation Practitioners from many different disciplines. The purpose of this article is to help you to understand the DNA activation process after you have received the session. It will also outline some useful approaches to dealing with DNA Detox symptoms and to also help your body, mind and spirit in this process through this time as well. You have started a significant shift in yourself, and every part of you will be feeling it. Congratulations as you will make many discoveries and take your life’s experience to the next level!

It is essential to give your body a lot of nutrients & minerals throughout this process. This is because your frequency will be dramatically increasing. Your body needs a little more nourishment to adapt and transform its self when activating DNA strands plus transmuting energetic blockages in general.

It’s also very important to keep hydrated and drink lots of water as well as the right nutrients and foods for your self following your DNA activation session. After this session, you will have a heightened intuitive sense of what your body needs to help you integrate the higher dimensional frequencies and the activation process.

The ‘DNA Activation Supplement Stack’


It’s wise to supplement with calcium or optimally a; calcium, zinc and magnesium supplement. This is to help your physical body through the DNA activation process. It’s a very in-depth process!


You find calcium in a lot of dairy products like milk and cheese, and you often think of it for giving you healthy bones and a cracking smile! Calcium is the most recommended supplement to take and is most agreed upon by multiple disciplines of DNA Activation Practitioners. The reason for this is it helps support the body because “Calcium ions stimulate the various biological transmutation processes throughout the human body. It is so vital, that if it is not provided to the human cell daily, ions are borrowed from the body’s calcium storehouse, the bones”. [Source]

To get sources of calcium from food can be; nuts, bread, fish bones (think sardines), or if you eat a lot of dark green veg.

Now the downside of supplementing calcium is that a lot of supplements don’t fully absorb into you. They have a low ‘bioavailability’; this means that the rest of the calcium (doctors and nutritionists speculate it is around 85-96%) ends up storing in the body as calcium deposits. “These deposits create gall stones, kidney stones, heel spurs, atherosclerotic calcium plaques and breast calcifications. It’s the calcium deposits that are the problem. If these supplements were 100% absorbed we wouldn’t need so much and there would be nothing left over to cause problems” Carolyn Dean states.

However, if you are supplementing calcium for a short while, it will be less of an issue. It is vital to increase your magnesium intake if you are supplementing calcium as this will help to lessen the downsides of taking calcium and prevent imbalances leading to disease. For this reason, I prefer to take calcium supplements when I am going through substantial periods of DNA activation and when I feel the instinctual need. (As a DNA practitioner I will often activate my DNA every week, it goes through phases usually of doing a lot of DNA activations – sometimes daily! to having a month off etc.).

To get around the problem of storing calcium deposits you could opt to increase your food intake with foods higher in calcium and minimise calcium supplementation. Also to decrease risk make sure you get enough vitamin D and magnesium. However, if you take Angstrom Calcium if you can get some in your country. You should be well covered as the process your body absorbs the mineral is much different, thus not leading to calcium deposits in the gut and other organs.

Calcium Supplement

> Calcium Supplement <


Magnesium affects every cell in your body and accounts for 300 enzyme reactions in your body! Magnesium also helps the processes of “healthy DNA synthesis, blood sugar balance, bone health and a calm nervous system” says The Huffington Post.

If you are experiencing a number of irritant symptoms like headaches cramps and stress, then there is a chance you are deficient in magnesium. You can get magnesium naturally from the following foods; dark green vegetables, avocados, bananas, almonds, brazil nuts, fish and dark chocolate. However most people are deficient in magnesium and even when you eat foods high in magnesium, you can still not have OPTIMAL levels of magnesium. The main reason why most people are deficient in Magnesium is that the soil food is grown in is not the best conditions anymore. This means that there are fewer vitamins and minerals able to go into the food and along the food chain down to us! After a DNA activation, you will need more Magnesium then usual. So it is very wise to supplement Magnesium for your general health and vitality but especially going through the DNA activation process.

Magnesium has many forms.

The main types of magnesium you can supplement are; Magnesium malate, Magnesium threonate, Magnesium oxide, Magnesium Citrate, Magnesium chloride, Epsom salt and Magnesium glycinate.

It is important to test out the different forms of magnesium especially if you are going to be supplementing this mineral long term. You can get ‘chelated magnesium’ which combines a couple of forms of magnesium or you can find the form which works for you. I have tried a chelated approach, and it worked for some time however at one point I switch to a supplement which contained magnesium, zinc and calcium all in one. After a while, this supplement led me to be unhealthy, as I had identified that it was partly this supplement that was causing me stomach issues. This is a good lesson, to always test to see what works for you. I have tried a couple forms of magnesium, and they all are different. However, I am now ‘sold’ on this following product:

Magnesium Oil

> Magnesium Oil <

It’s great as you do not need to plan to eat it with food, you don’t need to swallow 3 or 4 tablets a day and you don’t need to work your digestive system harder either.

– However –

The best benefit I love about ‘Magnesium Oil’ is that you can spray it on your head as soon as you get headaches from the higher frequencies coming in (it will often come in waves and is unpleasant)! I usually find a spray or two of magnesium oil, drinking some water and taking some bioplasma (featured later) will most of the time get rid of a headache!

The added bonus is that you’re getting great minerals your body needs.

For the best recommendations on how to take magnesium and most importantly what TYPE of magnesium to take. Take a look at this resource.


Zinc a common supplement you may have seen on cold remedies or for immune system boosters. It is a good idea to supplement Zinc for an optimal hormone panel, immune system function and physical energy. Again, it is wise to supplement as you usually will not get enough from food alone. (Note: It is advised to take copper alongside zinc, so if you are supplementing zinc long term. Make sure that you look into supplementing copper too to avoid mineral imbalances).

“Zinc is a key mineral in the support of healthy immune function, energy production, and mood. It’s important to supplement because it can be tough to get a meaningful amount from food, and your body doesn’t store it, meaning you need to replenish each day” says Dave Asprey. Try to take this supplement at a different time to when you ingest calcium supplement as it can lead to decreased absorption of zinc.

There you have it the ‘DNA Activation Supplement Stack‘. To help you through the DNA Activation process and to reduce unwanted Detox symptoms.


These supplements are very great to take daily anyway, and all have very key functions for your health and well being. Magnesium, in particular, is a very useful supplement to take, it also has an anti-stress response and helps you to get optimal fully rested sleep.

When doing this work whether it is energetic blockages clearing sessions or it is DNA activation. You are affecting every part of you down to the individual cellular level. In fact, the cellular level is activated in the 1st DNA strand.

Please go carefully with your body and find the right doses for you. Do not take things to extremes. I know this from experience. I had a lot of symptoms which were akin to IBS. Being too harsh with myself was one of the reasons I had bad symptoms. For example, I would take a lot of vitamins thinking it would be very beneficial for myself. I ignored the symptoms and blindly followed what I regarded was expert advice and I did not tweak it for myself. Allways make sure what you are doing is helping you and don’t ignore obvious feedback from your instinctual mind.

This is very true now you have had a DNA activation. Following a DNA activation, your intuition will guide you to eat certain foods. This guidance may come about as thoughts, cravings, desires etc. It is wise to follow these instinctual nudges as your higher self and your body will know what it needs at this time. Try not to be too strict in following a certain diet, exercise regime or logical process or belief. Allow a little room to ‘iterate’ for now.


Worthy Mention: If you feel an unusual heightened craving for sugar and salt. Do not be too alarmed. Whilst this isn’t an excuse to gorge on a few packets of popcorn each night. Your Light Body (which gets activated in the DNA Activation process) requires salt and sugar to adjust and balance itself.


What Can I Expect After My DNA Activation Process?

I will be writing a full post on this but to keep it short and sweet here are some of the side effects you may notice:

  1. Changes in Your Physical Energy

You may require a lot more extra time asleep. Or you may be bolting with energy! You may even flicker between the too. Your entire essence is upgrading and adapting. Especially in the process of integrating more light into your morphogenetic field.

2. Changes in Sleeping Pattern

Waking up around 2-3am wide awake is also a common symptom. These are otherwise known as ‘ascension symptoms’. A DNA activation is a thorough process so you may experience a ‘Divine Fever’ or ‘Ascension Symptoms’, following this process.

3. Stress and Heat Sensation

Another common feeling, especially if you have been doing a lot of energy work and you have then activated your DNA, is the feeling of your body heating up and feeling stressed for no real reason. This is where your body is transmuting energetic blockages and actually BURNING off Karmic Imprints and IDs!

4. Emotional Swings & Experiential Drama

You will be processing a lot of energetic blockages in this process. You are expediting your spiritual progression. When we do this sometimes as you are releasing unresolved emotions spanning countless lifetimes. This can be experienced as emotional mood swings or even Drama in your life’s experience as negative patterns begin the process of deselecting themselves.

There may be some strange side effects. All of this is normal. 🙂


A Personal Note,

In this time, please refrain from entering too much ‘Victimisation’. Please do not excuse yourself from things or also think you’re holier than thou. Yes, you may be touchy or feel slightly off through this period. However just remain the witness of YOUR emotions you choose to get caught up in. A lot of the benefit of DNA activation is to be more conscious and self-aware of your inner self. This means you will begin to notice more about yourself you may want to change! This isn’t always welcome, and you may have many things you may want to work on. If you keep in the frame of mind of loving the fact you can see this patterns which were before unconscious too you. You can work towards unwinding these emotions and greatly expediting your spiritual progress. To improve you must take an active process and take action to resolve emotions and reactions. This is an exciting time, and you will benefit greatly from it! If you try not to get too caught up on yourself and allow the process to unfold whilst taking action where you see fit. In time you will look back on your self and see a different person as you will have

The main point I would like to make is that at all times keep your self-responsibility and personal power. This may not be easy. Of course. However, I assure you it is one of the greatest attributes or skills to acquire. A lot of people and blogs in the spiritual community give out the idea that peoples energy can affect you etc. This is a victimisation mindset. YES, it can affect you, but only as you let it. You are witnessing your own buttons being pressed. When you are more conscious, and of a higher frequency, your intention will carry so much more power. So you will need to be careful of how you perceive the world and how you program it (through thoughts, words and energised emotions). You may be more sensitive energetically at this time, but treat this as an AMAZING way to understand your various energetic structures!! You have taken a step towards mastery, but also don’t get caught up in it. You are STILL the same person. Just now you have chosen to be more aware of you and the identities you carry about yourself and others.

If you have just had your DNA Activated my TOP TIP would be to just ‘go with the flow’. Try to remain the ‘Witness’ of yourself and your reality and not get too caught up. Also, try to manage your expectation and just allow the process to unfold naturally how it should, do not be alarmed if you didn’t feel much or you do not notice changes. Everyone will experience this differently, especially if you are at different points in your spiritual progression. EACH and EVERY DNA activation session you will do will help you massively.

To discover more about DNA activation symptoms I will break down some common things you may experience in the next post coming soon!

Disclaimer: I am NOT a Nutritionist or Doctor in anyway shape or form. I DO NOT pretend to portray myself in any way as an expert in these fields. Take the information disclosed as help and research I have collected from going through a LARGE range of resources, advice, blog posts, journals etc. Do NOT treat is as FACT or any professional advice. Please seek professional opinion always and make your own judgements.


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