In this post, I will go into more about what you may find in the next coming weeks and months following your DNA Activation. You will discover much about yourself and your perceived reality! There are many DNA activation symptoms, signs and changes you may experience. The purpose of this article is to make you aware of these changes. This may get you excited, or it will help you to understand the process you are now going through. This will hopefully give you a sense that everything you may feel is normal and ok. Lot’s of people who receive a DNA activation, experience a range of the following points touched upon in this post. These points are common symptoms, signs and changes many people face while undergoing a DNA activation, raising their frequency and embodying more light. You may even experience a few of these symptoms if you have gone through a lot of deep transformative clearing work also.

So let’s begin: 

DNA Activation Symptoms


Accrete Light

Interrupted Sleep

You may start waking up at odd times in the night. 3 am will be your new friend. Find what works for you. I would suggest allowing yourself some time to integrate energies, maybe read a book or article on your phone and go back to sleep. Use your intuition, but you can’t go wrong.

Changes in Your Sleeping Pattern

You may feel an increased need for sleep, this is to repair and process everything your many levels of self are going through. You may find you eventually have a decreased need for sleep and feel better on much less sleep. This may change between the two frequently until your energy settles.

Odd experiences

Hearing tones, buzzing and even going slightly deaf in one ear for a couple of seconds.
These strange experiences can also be accompanied with all sorts of sensations of buzzing or tingling in and around your head. You may even feel pressure outside of your own head. This would be your aura expanding (another great thing) and be optimising its self energetically.

You are integrating higher frequencies from each dimension into multiple aspects of your body.

Change in Physical Energy

Feeling shattered, lethargic, tired or like you’ve got the worst nights sleep. You may be very tired for a short period of time. Your physical body will undergo changes, and you will start to appear and feel more youthful.
Prickly sensations or flashes of energy move through your body. It may make you randomly shiver. Always a funny one!

Emotional Upheaval

Bouts of increased emotion. You are expediting your spiritual process and activating your DNA. Becuase of this, you are releasing discordant magnetic fields which are energetic blockages like karmic imprints and ids. This means you will be releasing old outdated beliefs and identities you have of your self, others and the world. You will also be releasing unresolved emotions from many lifetimes. This brings about some of these emotions to the surface for you to process and will also make you even question who you really are. Remember to remain in ‘witness consciousness’ when going through emotional mood swings. If you don’t get caught up and just feel it with your physical body, you can UNWIND these emotions instead of adding another layer of energetic blockages and unresolved emotions to this charged energetic quality. You may face some minor intermittent discomfort. This can be physical discomfort, emotional, or spiritual.


The increased presence and the state of ‘I AM’. This is your higher self. You are peeling away layers of energetic blockages like the skin of an onion. What you are finding is that you may have believed you were once these layers or the skin! However, you are much more than that. As you get closer to the core, you will discover yourself in new ways. This can be scary to yourself and the ego!

DNA Activation Symptoms


Divine Synchronicities

Increased awareness of synchronicities in our life. Your higher self is always manifesting your reality for you. You will be more aware of this process unfolding in front of you now. You will be manifesting faster also. Your higher self may even be communicating to you through the use of these synchronisations.

This leads to the next sign or symptom. 11:11 is your new friend. You will most likely have an increased awareness of recurring numbers such as 2222, 4444, 7777, etc. There are lots of websites online that will help you decipher these numerology codes. You can type in what you keep seeing for example 4444 into google with the search. 4444 angel number meaning. Then you will get some information about someone’s perception of what this message means. However always follow your own inner guidance as its YOUR higherSELF communicating to you! For example, 11:11 always means I’m about to make a massive spiritual leap. It’s always exciting to see!

Decreased Tolerance and Resistance to Certain People, Places and Activities.

Less tolerable to places situation times and events. You will have an increased sensitivity to avoid certain people and situations. Almost like its painful or it’s really hard and tiring to be around the friend groups or places you were once part of before. This is a tell-tale sign of your personal frequency rising. The benefits of DNA activation is that you will attract a higher grid of people/places and events. This also means you will be drawn to exit the ones which no longer resonates and serves you and your soul purpose.

Change in Physical weight.

Changes in physical weight is said to be a common one for ‘starseeds’. Depending on where you are in your spiritual progression you may lose weight quite rapidly for no apparent reason.
You can also lose weight as you are releasing energetic blockages which store as toxins in fat tissues.
However, the reverse can also be true. The body may be somewhat shocked by the process it is going through so that it may store fat as a way of protecting itself (this will shift don’t worry!)

Changes in Your Diet and Eating Habits

Your relationship with food will be altered. For example, you may be following a diet as you think it may be good for you. Logically you can probably convince your self of any diet if you find enough ‘logical’ information. However we are all unique, you may need more fat and be on a low-fat diet as you think it is wise. Or even the opposite may be true. You will get a heightened sense of nudges from your instinctual mind. When going through a DNA activation you will crave certain foods to help balance your light body. And after the process has settled down you will instinctually know what is better for you and what you need and at what time. This can even come in the difference in taste buds. Yes if you have not guessed yet, there will be a lot of uncertainty enter your life and you will have to learn more about your self and grow a deeper connection to what you once had.

Compelled to High-Frequency Information

You may become attracted to sacred geometry and want to discover more about the TRUTH of our reality. You may also be led by your higher self to find books, courses to help you gain more information and progress on your spiritual journey. You may even notice messages come through from random chats you may have with co-workers or friends or other synchronicities. Follow these nudges as it may lead you somewhere to give you more insight into your life.

Spiritual Dna Activation Symptoms

Enhanced Creativity

A DNA activation will improve many aspects of your self! You get an upgrade in each level of mind. However, one way we can quantify this is that after a DNA activation you will be accessing the ‘Theta’ brainwave state much easier and automatically. You will also have you prefrontal cortex functioning much more optimally. This will allow you to receive increased insight, realisations and ‘A-ha moments’ which come from your higher self.

Ecstatic Bliss

Increased love of the world and ecstatic moments. Heighten feelings of joy and wonder. You see the world as an extension of you. As you are the ONE and the ONE is you. Everyone is ONE and you may get a heightened sense of this.

Better Higher Sensory Perception

It is heightened and more acute and accurate. You now use this level of mind to inform your DAILY decisions. (this is key).

Odd Physical Symptoms

As you begin to transmute blockages (like Karma and unresolved emotions from past lives) your body may engage in rashes or allergies. This is your bodies way of detoxifying these energetic blockages in the DNA and at the cellular level. You can also sneeze for no reason and have flu-like symptoms. This is normal and is just part of the process.

Changes in Your Spiritual Practice

Your routine will probably change. Your meditation habits and spiritual practice will be different. You may find a decreased need or want to meditate for as long, and if you are a healer, you will find your spiritual healing sessions will be more powerful and may take less time.

Your Life Preferences May Change

This is true as your frequency changes you start attracting a different grid of people, places and events. You have changes in what you lik

e to eat, or your Music, daily routine and other preferences changing. You have dramatically raised your frequency, and it will continue to increase as your DNA activates more and accrete more light from source. You will engage in what resonates with you! You may have different opinions or engage with varying things in higher frequency ways. This is an excellent thing as some of the behaviours you are used to, or ways of looking at things will change.

Starseed Dna Activation Symptoms

Withdrawing Into the World

You may receive a DNA activation when you are in a period of your spiritual progression where you are questioning your reality and the beliefs and attitudes you upheld. This may be challenging, and you may become more in your inner reality to make more sense of your perceived reality. It would be wise to look up the term ‘dark night of the soul’ if you feel down in this period.


Enhanced Communication with Your Higher Self

This will come through many synchronicities. Another way this can happen is by receiving strange dreams. This can be signs or messages to help you. However, they can sometimes just be strange and to be ignored as your subconscious mind is processing a lot. Use your discernment to know which is right for you. If you know how to communicate with your Higher Self, you will also be able to do this much better. You can be sure that it is your actual higher self you are contacting and you will be much better able to receive the data transmissions from your higher self. (This is where the unnatural implants removal session is key).

On the subject of dreams, you may also start noticing remote viewing, or ‘future dreams’, as I have always called them. You will be reading probable futures in your sleep and then experience them in your waking life. This is often quite mind-boggling but SUPER COOL.

– What is Time?! –

You may feel an increased feeling that time is speeding up. Everyone is feeling this due to the ascension cycle. It is common to hear people say ‘time goes quicker as you get older’. Well, the fact is everyone is experiencing it, it doesn’t just happen when you are older! When you activating your DNA time will feel a lot different for you. You may lose track of time and have the sense of what day you are on in the week. You may also feel like time goes quicker or slower.


Empathy and Connection

Increased connection to nature and the animal kingdom. A heightened sense of empathy for other people, objects and things. You get the ‘Vibe’ of things more.


Vibrational Harmonisation

All of your chakras will be much more balanced and optimal and will be LESS affected by other places, events, people and experiences. If you have challenging aspects enter your life, you will be much more resilient and better able to manage them and bounce back!

Omni Love

Depending on how much DNA you can activate at this point in your progression you can experience Omni love – a complete love for all. This would happen when you can activate the 4th strand of DNA to its required amount of activation level.

Symptoms Of Dna Activation

You Manifest Extremely Quick

Your manifestation abilities have skyrocketed. Be careful of your thoughts and what you energise emotionally!

Feeling Like a New Person

You are taking of the onion peels of energetic blockages and identities of what you THOUGHT you were. However, you are much more and following a DNA activation you will embody a lot more of your higher self which is you. And release a lot of these energetic blockages you have been identifying with. This change in how your beliefs about yourself may be slightly odd to you, and you may feel like an entirely different person to that of who you were before!


How Can I Manage These Changes?


A technique form the Lightarian Institute is to communicate to your higher self (your soul and higher aspects of self). And let yourself stationed in these dimensions know that it is a little too much for yourself to handle right now. You are an essential feedback mechanism in the DNA activation process. It is your life and your spiritual journey, take full responsibility for it! It is easy to communicate this to your self, as your higher self is always communicating with you and listening to all your thoughts! Just hold the intent to connect to your higher self and then in your own words express your intent to have the side effects diminish slightly or a lot depending on your experience.

Practically what is happening to you right now is that you are accreting higher frequency light from source and embodying it into every cell of your being! Your dormant strands of DNA are becoming activated, and it is affecting every part of your self, your mind body and spirit all as one.
Your Lightbody is forming and your crystalline body of light. Your frequency is dramatically soaring, and you will be manifesting height state of consciousness and extra sensory abilities.

In this time give your self a lot of self-love and remain present throughout. Supplementation will help and make sure you are eating and drinking clean. Stay Hydrated and listen to your bodies needs. Develop the ‘Witness Consciousness’, stay detached, manage expectation and let it flow.

Reach Your Potential

As a final word of advice. Yes, a DNA activation is super effective and can be a challenging process. However, this is just one session where you can have a break after. I would presume a lot of other DNA practitioners are clearing blockages in the DNA and activating DNA all the time, sometimes daily! Once you have rid your self of your densest energetic blockages (aka the reason why there can be lots of side effects). I say this as to ease your mind if you feel this is super strange and you have done too much. Your higher self controls the DNA activation process at all times in your best interest. So you can feel assured that any side effects will pass and are actually positive signs of your transformation! Yes, I still get headaches etc. but they are much more manageable, and I feel ok and have gotten used to a state of constant transmutation. I say this as to release your worries and fears that you may be getting something more than you can handle. YOUR higher self is the one activating your DNA template and as such knows EXACTLY what you can handle and controls the whole process for you. So surrender to the process, enjoy it and start rocking your life! Hey, I’ll see you back for more DNA activations because after the results of your first you will most likely be as hungry as me to learn to grow and discover more about REALITY and take your life’s spiritual mastery to new heights!

It is wise to supplement with supplements to diminish the side effects or detox effects of DNA activation. It works a treat! It allows me to activate my DNA more as I can tolerate the detox effects or neutralise them almost completely (after having done numerous sessions and removed my densest blockages). Finally, I would like to say treat any side effects as confirmation that you are shifting, growing and evolving! Welcome them and love them. You are reaching your potential as we speak!


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