This is a great video about DNA Activation from Spirit Science! They have a wide range of videos on spiritual progression which are incredibly useful, informative and helpful!

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If you would like to get YOUR DNA activated then check the link below.

Whats super important before you receive a DNA Activation session is that you remove energetic implants and distortions which we pick up from birth. As it says in the video, we are linked to (mother) earth. There are currently distortions in the earth grids which means when we incarnate onto earth we then pick up these distortions into our own morphogenetic field! If we don’t remove these imprints then we end up in a ‘frequency fence’. This means we cannot embody higher frequencies, activate higher strands of DNA as easy or as much. There will also be unnatural distortions and flow in our energy system. J seals, for example, are one type of these unnatural implants, these affect your body’s life force and can show themselves as physical problems on the left side of your body. The great thing however about removing unnatural imprints and blockages is that you only require 1 session! After you have had this session once they have now been removed (until you reincarnate). In turn, you also help our earth to repair and heal its damages too!

If you want to take yourself to the next level, raise your frequency and fulfil your collective soul mission….

Book a DNA Activation & Unnatural Implants Removal sessions:

These are 2 separate IN-DEPTH clearing and activation sessions.

DNA Activation SessionDNA Activation and Unnatural Implants Removal

DNA Activation is crucial if you want to reach your potential. As a DNA activation will help you to become more self-aware, raise your frequency, discover and fulfil your soul’s mission and EMBODY your higher self.

DNA Activation

SOURCESpirit Science
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