If you want to truly manifest to your heart’s content then going through these energy clearing sessions may be the best thing you can do!

All the diseases, mind viruses, or negativity, spans from these energetic blockages. Diseases of the mind, body and spirit or other levels of mind. We are not operating even at 10% of the level we can reach. Most people are in constant states of drama, separateness, manipulation, sadness, anger, STRESS and bad physical health.

However, if you take FULL responsibility for your life and everything and everyone that enters into your HOLOGRAM. Then you will realise that all of these unwanted experiences can be changed either externally (attracting a higher frequency grid of people) or internally (mindset shifts and being non-reactive etc).

Most people have LOTS of Karma and do not even realise it instead they blame the results they are manifesting in their life and the people THEY attract into their life. Which are just a match to your frequency and too teach you lessons about your karma and energetic blockages so you can TRANSCEND this.

Do you feel like you have been (or ARE) held back by underlying negative forces?

In this article, you will discover WHAT energetic Blockages are and HOW they affect you.

Examples of Energetic Blockages are:

  • Thoughtforms
  • Auric Attachments
  • Unhealthy etheric cords and cords of attachment (karmic ties).
  • Occupants
  • Portals
  • Wormholes
  • Soul Fragments
  • Unresolved Emotions
  • Outdated beliefs that do not serve you
  • Discarnets
  • Karmic Imprints
  • Identities (false beliefs or identities people associated themselves with but are not real and are just constructed from karmic imprints)
  • DNA Blockages
  • Unnatural Imprints and blockages

These are the TOP Priority blockages we all need to clear as they are creating HAVOC in yourself and your life’s experience.

There’s a reason why you self-sabotage.
There’s a reason why you are attracting the same negative people, places, events.
There’s a reason you cannot manifest your heart’s desire.
There’s a reason why you are stuck.

The problem is most people have SO many of the above blockages and have NO idea that they are even a thing. People are so dense right now that they have NO understanding of this energetic phenomena at all!

If something isn’t in your life that you want already, it means you do NOT energetically resonate with that outcome or experience. This lack of results means you have ENERGETIC BLOCKAGES to do with the SOURCE of that issue. These energetic blockages are blocking you from being able to manifest your goal or desire into your reality.

When you see the world from this place of EXTREME OWNERSHIP and take ultimate RESPONSIBILITY for your whole HOLOGRAM. You can take your personal POWER to new levels and really carve and create the reality YOU would like for yourself.

Everything in your experience is there because you resonate with it. You are CONSTANTLY manifesting your life’s experience and creating your reality. This manifestation is done in accordance with UNIVERSAL LAWS and what you are continually PROJECTING into your HOLOGRAM.

The easiest way to explain this is through the energetic phenomena of ‘Karmic Loops’.

Karmic Loops are more evident as a Karmic Loop is something that is repeated again and again (and again). It is unwanted situations you “end up in” or seem to attract into your life’s experience. If you realise you have TOTAL control over what enters your hologram or life’s experience. You understand that nothing can happen to you. If you resonate with the ‘Id’ or ‘identity’ that life HAPPENS to you, or if you place responsibility on EXTERNAL outcomes or forces. You are resonating with a shadow self archetype called the ‘Profession Victim’, meaning you are IDENTIFYING with a lot of energetic blockages like Karmic imprints to do with the SOURCE of VICTIMISATION. The ‘Professional Victim Archetype’ is an archetype that most people have – it spans all countries, backgrounds, genders and any group you can identify. Some people have many different layers of blockages to this one archetype alone! Some people have more energetic blockages than others.

An example of a Karmic Loop can be Expectation – Disappointment – Blame.

This Karmic Loop is where you EXPECT something of someone or something. For example, you expect someone to do something for you, or you expect to get results after the following advice from a book. However, expectation often latches on to ILLUSORY events and predictions. Meaning you are NOT engaging in reality and how things ARE. You are wanting and expecting a future that is not HERE and may NOT come true. An example of this can be when someone wants more clients, so they write a book. They have watched a training video or webinar from a ‘guru’ telling them that they should write a book. The reason would be to become an authority figure and then create trust and people to come to your events, websites or store etc. However, if you engage in this, you are creating an EXPECTATION, which if you work hard enough following this advice you WILL get the same results.

The Expectation – Disappointment – Blame Karmic Loop

is something I struggled with massively.

If you follow advice (and of course modelling successful people can be good advice), and you expect the same experience to happen you and you could be too ATTACHED to this future outcome and not view the truth of the world as it is. The ego can hold its identity on this expectation, and you may become VERY attached to the outcome.

When you have finally achieved your goal (if you even get there). You expect that you will have this fantasy you have emotionally charged become the reality you then live in and experience. However. MOST of the time this will not work for you, due to a number of energetic factors out of the scope of this article. You will have for example your book, but NO sales, NO visitors and NO new clients. This so-called ‘stumbling block’ or ‘procrastination’ is why you get SO MANY people DONT have success even when they spend ££££ on courses training and mentorships and work SO hard to follow the advice. Even when it feels wrong etc. You feel it MUST work as they did it. This leaves you tired, clueless and …. disappointed.

So once you have had your Expectation – you then Karmically attract – DISAPPOINTMENT.

You get Disappointed that your new venture failed, your business launch, your new diet etc. This lack of results feels horrible! What is worse is that you ATTRACTED this result and if you get CAUGHT up in this Karmic cycle. You endless add MORE and MORE energetic blockages by engaging in this cycle repeatedly and making it even stronger!

There’s worse. Once you have entered Disappointment, you will then play out the identity of ‘BLAME‘.

You will blame methods, gurus, outside sources and YOURSELF for not actualising the results others have had. This blame places your personal power on OUTSIDE forces. Which means that you enter VICTIMISATION, feel rubbish and manifest NOTHING of your wanted experience. Even if you DO manifest the result or a PART of it, you may feel disappointed enter this karmic loop. You will NOT be able to SEE that you have manifested it and will not take the required further steps to bring it to fruition or you will SABOTAGE this result (due to other blockages).

To genuinely manifest your required results your approach needs to be in ALIGNMENT with your Souls DIVINE SELF EXPRESSION and GIFTS. You also need to be FREE of the KARMIC IMPRINTS and IDENTITIES that YOU have continuously built up and have created an etheric mass of energetic blockages. These energetic blockages KEEP you experiencing more and more of the same negative experience because of the UNIVERSAL LAW of resonance and correspondence. Thus attracting the same people, places times and events.

When this etheric charge builds up, it affects even your day to day life and not just your ‘big’ projects. You may enter this loop many times a day. You may expect the bus to turn up on time, be disappointed and then enter blame. You may have an expectation of your workplace or another person and they may not meet this ILLUSORY expectation, and thus you enter disappointment and blame.

This is one of the BIGGEST blocks to manifesting the reality you want.

It is also one of the MAIN relationship Blockages people experience also!

I personally have struggled with this one. I never knew that this was a THING!

However, from a place of total responsibility of my hologram and a COMMITMENT to MASTER my hologram and MANIFEST my hearts intents. I have learned that you can ENERGETICALLY DISENGAGE these energetic blockages and own it as knowledge. THEN you will get new awareness and insight into these blockages and receive a DOWNLOAD of new CORDS, TEMPLATES and SOUL PROGRAMMING form your higher self. This download means that you will get packets of information from your higher self in how you need to approach these areas of life. You can experience this as realisations, changes in emotional response, new mental beliefs and attitudes etc. The download also allows you to EMBODY more of your higher self and start manifesting and attracting places, people, times and events based on your SOULS PURPOSE and DIVINE SELF EXPRESSION. This new state of awareness is the ultimate place you can be.

You are actively CHOOSING to engage in these many karmic imprints (most likely because you DO NOT know that this is what is happening). This choice means you choose irresponsibility and not taking FULL OWNERSHIP of everything that enters your life.

However, now that you know the TRUTH of why your life’s experiencing is manifesting in the way it is (due to your Karmic actions and other energetic blockages). You can CHOOSE to reclaim your BIRTHRIGHT energetically. Take TOTAL responsability of your hologram. MANIFEST your heart’s content, in alignment with your higher self.

You can CHOOSE with your god given FREE WILL to manifest your IDEAL experience and CREATE the best experience you have been trying to for years LIFETIMES.

If you are looking for a way to transmute energetic blockages PERMANENTLY and own the energetic blockages as KNOWLEDGE. You can gain new insight and discover more about your reality.

This is just ONE example.

However, in ONE session we can clear SO much, and it is guided by your higher self the aspect of you that knows EXACTLY what problems you are facing even the ones you cannot see yourself.

Of course, you have SO MANY Karmic Imprints and Identities! If you are experiencing adverse events and emotions, then there is a karmic imprint related to it!

So how can you experience TOTAL FREEDOM?

First I would recommend clearing your TOP PRIORITY energetic blockages located in the Aura and then beginning to CLEAR your Karmic slate.

You can receive PERSONAL 1-1 energetic clearing sessions with me at the following link:

Auric Clearing
Clearing #1 of 3.
Karma Removal
Clearing #2 of 3
Shadow Self Integration
Clearing #3 of 3.

Ultimate Clearing Session
Clear all your TOP PRIORITY energetic Blockages and MANIFEST your hearts desires!

> Energy Clearing <


Next, it would be wise to DISCOVER your SOULS TALENT and how it is meant to express itself. This way you can be more in your DIVINE SELF EXPRESSION and live in an ABUNDANCE of love, success and wealth etc. You name it. As you will be resonating and living in alignment to your Divine self-expression – the way, you were created.

If you have been struggling or even just want to take things up a notch or 4…. Then take FULL RESPONSIBILITY of your Hologram now and MANIFEST YOUR DESIRED REALITY.


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