What are the Meridians?

Have you heard of acupuncture or acupressure? Well, this form of healing and a lot of Traditional Chinese Medicine focuses on balancing and healing the meridians. The intent is to increase wellbeing and health by healing the meridians by directing the energetic flow in these meridian channels. Acupressure uses thin metal needles to balance, stimulate and adjust the energetic flow within the person receiving the session. Acupressure works the same however it usually uses plastic spikes which do not dig into the skin as much as acupuncture and is not done as precise. A good example of acupressure is an acupressure mat which you can use before sleep to get more efficient sleep, relax your nervous system and heal your meridians and other energy structures (aura, kundalini, chakras etc).

Meridians are one of the many energy structures we are made up off. When we work with meridians we can affect the other energy structures we are made from. The meridians are channels or currents of energy that run throughout our bodies and they are the closest energy system to the physical body.


Meridians lie in the etheric body and are the closest to the physical body. This is why a lot of holistic therapy sessions like acupressure, acupuncture and reflexology focus on the meridians. These modalities are successful in helping with a large range of ailments because they treat the body as a whole and holistically heal the physical and etheric bodies. When you alter the physical body by putting needles into the skin like in acupuncture, you will also, in turn, affect the other energy structures like the meridians and vice verse. The physical body is the slowest to change and thus altering the physical body has a big impact on the other energy structures. However, if you do not affect the root of the issue then the blockages will keep on resurfacing. This leads to the need for recurring sessions to help combat the symptoms and having a small impact on the energetic cause of the issue.


Whilst the other energy structures are both inside and outside the physical body. The meridians, however, lie inside the physical body and the first layer of the aura, the etheric body.

The meridians help to transport energies from your other energetic structures to where they are needed. To be specific the energies from the aura and kundalini brings energy to your chakras. Your 12 meridians then transport this vital energy to the physical and etheric body.

The Meridians

Meridians are like an energetic highway. Where we have many routes or veins called meridian lines. There are 12 pairs of primary meridians, they are located throughout various regions of the body. The following is a list of the 12 primary meridians:

1. Lungs

2. Colon

3. Stomach

4. Spleen

5. Heart

6. Intestines

7. Urinary bladder

8. Kidneys

9. Pericardium

10. Gallbladder

11. Liver

12. Triple burner




The meridians have a very strong effect on the physical body and sustain the physical body through energetic currents. You accrete these energetic currents or ‘life force energy’ from source and then it flows through your various energy structures; aura, kundalini, chakras etc.

Every aspect of yourself is interconnected with everywhere else. Meaning emotional issues of stress, for example, can affect physical issues in the gut. When you are constantly running negative programs of stress, anger, guilt etc. Or you are creating negative thoughtforms you affect all levels of your awareness. Thus engaging in negative programs can lead to some areas of your energetic anatomy to become less efficient or become stuck and blocked.

This is why it is useful to have a session like Reiki or another healing modality to help unblock the flow of energy and balance your energy structures. This allows you to heal yourself, feel connected again and allow your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels of mind to run much more efficiently and how they are intended.


Why Is It Important To Focus On Our Meridians?


Meridians get clogged up with negative emotions. This leads to feeling out of sorts, drained and eventually physical issues. I tend to find that if you have had periods of negativity and it feels to still be lingering, then doing work with the meridians helps to clear this. I’m always shocked that after I have unwinded the negative emotions (caused by energetic blockages) sometimes I still feel something lingering. Once I clear, heal and optimise the meridians I instantly feel positive happy and light. It amazes me each time!

Meridians can cause issues with health and vitality. If negative emotions are left to linger and do not become clear positive energy cannot circulate through this energy structure.


What Happens If I Let These energies To Fester?


The negate energies you experience can collect in a certain meridian and cause more damage over time. Much like plaque on teeth which eats away at the enamel of left untreated. Depending on the emotion will determine the emotion it sticks in for example stress and anger can be related to the triple warmer meridian. Another place negative emotions can linger in the liver. If you are expecting the same situations and feel stuck in a certain karmic loop repeating the same situation over and over. The emotion may collect and you may start experiencing issues where the meridians never fully clear and remain stuck. This fractures of your vital life force energy necessary for optimal function of your energy and physical body.

The best medicine for your medicines?


Forgiveness can help to release the emotions. This is because when the emotions have gathered in the meridians we tend to hang on to them and wish not to forgive the person who caused then or to others in similar positions. This is alike to when people carry their emotional and mental “baggage” and don’t clear this which in turn affects their whole life and interactions with other people. Keeping grudges ends up affecting you not the other person. Nelson Mandela has put it the best “Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies”. This is so true. Engaging in forgiveness and going forward a step and feeling grateful for the lessons learned can often be hard, especially in times of betrayal or abandonment. However it is important to unwind this emotion otherwise it can lead to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues. I would also suggest that you not only heal your energy structures from this negative energy and engage in forgiveness. But too take it a step further and CLEAR the energetic blockages which manifest experiences of betrayal and abandonment etc as well. There is no need to put up with your karmic baggage of betrayals etc when we have techniques to work on this and grow and transcend this problem rather than being stuck in an endless karmic loop!

So, when we engage in heavy negative emotions, the meridians can become blocked. I usually find that after clearing, healing and optimising my meridians, I feel much more positive and have much more vitality. I find it clears that icky feeling of lingering negativity the quickest.

If you feel compelled to unblock your meridians and enhance the flow of life force energy, ‘chi or prana throughout your etheric and physical body then you may be interested in the ultimate healing session.




Well, this session is the product of all my training and experiments. In this session, I focus on each of the energy structures individually and heal, balance and optimise them. I also channel various healing energies like advanced forms of Reiki to help you heal and help many areas of your awareness. This is why this healing session is a much more thorough form of healing you may have experienced. I can channel very high-frequency Reiki and healing energies because I have worked on myself a lot and have been attuned to many energy systems like the advanced Lightarian program.

In a healing session you want, to repair any blockages restrict that flow of energy in the meridians. You also want to optimise the channels, clear any non-supportive energies and channel healing supportive energies through the 12 channels too. However, if you want to optimise this energy structure and take your energy structures to the next level then consider the ultimate healing session is where I heal, clear and optimise the meridians as well as the other energetic structures we all contain! When you heal the meridians you are much more able to forgive and move on in your life. Focusing on your meridians is a vital part of your healing journey.


Ultimate Healing Session - Heal Meridians


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