So, in the last two posts, we have covered What are Etheric Cords? and The Benefits and Dangers of Etheric Cording? Now we are going to look into what the steps we need to take so that we can transcend this ugly energy dynamic and attract more harmonious relationships in our life. That means relationships that are mutually beneficial and are based on universal principles.

So now we know what Etheric Cords are, and We know the benefits and Dangers of etheric cords. Hopefully, you’ve had a chance to reflect on your life and discover how etheric cords play out in your life. If you haven’t I invite you to do so now. It will make much more sense and mean more to you if you try and observe how this is affecting your life (and it is). This is what being conscious is all about.  

Meditate On The Following Questions


Do you feel drained by certain people?

Have you recently ‘split up’ with a friend/lover or business partner and can’t stop thinking about them?

Do you find yourself not being able to stop thinking about someone?

Do you seem to rationalise and let certain people treat you how you DONT want to be treated?

Ask yourself:

Am I currently holding nonserving cords with anyone?

Who do I currently have non-serving cords with?

Am I letting other people overstep their mark?

Are there any relationships in my life that are one-sided?

Am I trying to rescue anyone? Am I trying to fix or help people who don’t really want to change?

Am I upholding my personal boundaries?

Are there any situations or people I am going against my own will. You have conversations in your head and no the outcomes you want and have planned however you never take action on this.

Do I say no to certain questions or do you feel obliged to agree to everything?


So what’s your best bet?

There is a couple of things we can do!
First you want to clear non-serving cords. Then you want a new mental framework and presence.

We are multidimensional beings, and as fluffy as that can sound, we have thoughts, we have a physical body and we have emotions all in three separate dimensions which make up the same harmonic universe. – the 3rd dimensional reality we are living in -.


This is why we want to address ALL levels of your awareness. (The reason why some personal development all though AMAZING information, fails most people! As in usually involves just the mind which can be hard to shift and bring into other areas alone)

The 7 Steps To Relationship Harmonisation


Step 1)

Raise Your Consciousness


Your first step is to understand this energy phenomenon. Once you are aware of something and you understand the issue, you can analyze it and if needs be, change it! From reading these 3 series of blog posts, you know have an understanding about some of the underlying energy structures you are taking part in. The more you recognise this quality, the more you can use it to your advantage! Etheric Cords are simply a tool to help you be connected and assess your environment! So by now, you have done this… Sweet!


Step 2)

Analyse Your Current Etheric Connections


Now that you are aware of what etheric cords are and what they do. You now need to analyse how they are currently affecting you. Are they helping you or are they hindering you? It may be different for different people and scenarios. You want to get more knowledge about where and who you are attaching too. The best way to do this is to sit down and allow yourself some time to analyze this for yourself. You are your greatest source of information and have all the answers you need within. So, I invite you now to put away some time to meditate, become present and ask yourself the following questions:


Surrender to your higher self and still the mind. What you get from this meditation is perfect. You may not get super clear signs. You won’t hear a YES and/or you may doubt the answers you get! This is ok, trust the first answer you get and try not to receive the answer at the level of the mind. Instead, what do you feel or sense? This is a better judge as when you monitor from the level of the mind you will often get inaccurate or unclear results. Just use your mind to set the intention for each question.


Let’s do it!



So feel free to jot down any insight you get from this. Trust the results you get and you can further analyse this form the level of mind now or later and logically think about WHY you are letting yourself and how your being corded and how it is affecting you. Just write what you get first and carry on with this post as I have more information to give you!


Step 3) 

Mindset Shift

The next thing you need to do is engage the rational mind! Think about your interactions with that person. Think about what emotions you may feel and what they do to make you feel effected. It will be helpful to remember this and throughout your week pay attention to your mind and emotions and even your physical body. Notice how you change around certain people especially the people you noted down earlier.


Step 4)

Setting Healthy Boundaries


Now that you have gone through the previous steps you must now create healthy boundaries. To create healthy boundaries you really need to think about what you would like out of certain interactions in your life. What are you putting up with? What needs to change? What do you do which you feel you shouldn’t? Are you investing in some people and not getting the same back? After completing the previous steps you should have a clearer idea about this. And truth be told, we also know what we need to do to take things to the next level. Now is the time to take action on that.


*** Make sure you do this when you are in a calm peaceful state. You will have many ideas come to you when you become activated ie. emotional, stressed, unbalanced. ***


Step 5)

View the Situation Differently


After analyzing who is effecting you and why they are affecting you and coming up with how you would like to show up in your life. You can now take on a new mindset shift to help you further. STOP BEING A VICTIM! This one can be a hard lesson. If you are so sick about people treating you badly (and they may be!) and you are sick off people putting all their concerns and worries on you (them playing the *professional* victim). Don’t allow YOURSELF to fall into this category as well. As there can’t be no tyrant if there is no victim. People also cannot affect you if you don’t RESONATE with victimisation.

Now before I make you feel bad or offend anyone. This is hard to truly remove. Why? Because we have LOTS of KARMIC IMPRINTS to do with Victimisation. This means that even tho we try not to be the Victim, we have a limit and are sometimes fighting ourselves!


I invite you to release the thought that you can have your energy sucked by an energy vampire. I would also like to make a new distinction in your mind that you cannot suck in negativity. BE the change YOU want to see in the world and be a beacon of light. Show people by leading from example the correct behaviours to model.

– This is the true sense of a Lightworker! –


So what I am saying is:


– Don’t Give YOUR Power Away! –


Further, allow people to be your ultimate mentor. They are showing you what you need to work on! If they are *getting you* by making you feel guilty, then you know that you resonate with guilt. This means that you have Karmic Imprints and Ids related to the source of Guilt. We are all intended to co-exist. No matter how much running away and living in a cave may sound attractive it does not serve you. Relationships are a great (although can be painful) way of showing us what to work on. The drama makes us understand the underlying energetic forces and pushes us to seek solutions.


Now, this is a very extensive way and is some great advice. But the hardest bit is being able to actually put it into practice and allow the changes to happen in your life. It is easy to get excited now and then bottle it in the moment. BEEN THERE DONE THAT. 🤦🏻‍


So instead of the many GREAT realisations, you have had. Which will have raised your consciousness and frequency. We want to free yourself from the energy.


Step 6)

Cut the Cords with the Person!


Now you have done this you want to cut cords with them. Now people can charge you lots of money for this next little tip and I’m going to teach you how to cut cords yourself! So that at any time you need to clear non-serving cords you can!

I believe in doing things daily or repeated through time. That’s the reason I set up Reiki Box Healing, as I realise the potential to help people if they are given DAILY ENERGETIC SUPPORT. That will go hand in hand with more deeper one of healing or clearing sessions.



The Technique to Cut non serving Etheric Cords is…..



> A Karate Chop! <



It’s not fancy! All you have to do is hold the intention to cut ALL non-serving etheric cords with a person, place, event etc and do a fast karate chop motion in front of you. Do it from around your throat chakra down words covering your Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras. This is a way to hold a strong intent to affect your etheric body. I recommend that you hold the intention then chop three times. I mentally state “Cutting all cords, connections and threads between [insert persons name] in all dimensions and time NOW!” then I chop three times mentally stating “Cut all cords, cut all cords, cut all cords” along each chop motion. Afterwards, it is a great idea to feel grateful and a sense that the work has been completed. You could also do this to everyone in general just change the sentance to fit your intention.


Try This Out Now!


You will most likely feel a release of tension!! It is wonderful how simple yet effective this little tool is!

Little tip: You can use this however much you like. You can do this after getting home after being through a crowd or busy place. (Empaths I got your back :))


Don’t doubt yourself, you can do this! It will work if you intend it to do so. 🙂


Final thoughts….


Ok, so I hope you have enjoyed this blog post! Now there is A LOT of information here. So do you homework and start creating some positive changes in your life.

Now I do want to help you further. If you feel like you would like to improve further and really start DOMINATING life and living the reality you would like to live. I would love to help you further.

Step 7)

Stop RESONATING with them on ALL Levels of Awareness


The above techniques are amazing and are necessary parts of the equation. However, we all have SO MANY energetic blockages that it becomes really hard to be able to take the required steps to put this action into place.

You can cut etheric cords but they can just reattach!

The best thing you want to do to transcend this whole energy dynamic for all is removing the karmic ties with that person and remove the energetic blockages (Auric attachments, Karmic Imprints and Ids that are keeping you stuck in that energy dynamic). This is why you keep attracting that type of person (tyrant) and why you can’t seem to change your stance in that relationship. This is the reason no matter how many times you pluck up the courage and think about the best solution to act in this dynamic. Nothing really changes. All you get is a bit MORE dissonance in the relationship. 

Remember although it doesn’t always seem like it, we can co-create our intended reality. We are living in a great time and we can literally manifest most of our goals and desires! We can start from where we are now. I’m going to present you some TOP sessions that are vital if you want to reach your goals faster and clear your karmic slate. You can get stuck in negative energy dynamics for years or even lifetimes! So it is truly a blessing to know WHY we have been stuck in these situations no matter how hard we have tried to break free off them! We can go a point further and instead of just feel relief we can now CHANGE our reality and direct the time matrix to allow us to start seeing more positive experiences of love and abundance etc. Anything which shows up for us is because we RESONATE with that energy. From Karmic imprints, Ids, Auric Attachments etc. That’s why I place a HIGH importance in these sessions.

How I can help?


  • The Ultimate Healing Session
    In every Healing session I do, I make sure I clear any non-serving cords in all dimensions, heal your etheric cords and optimise them and raise their frequency. I do this for each of your energy structures too! 
  • Energetic Clearing
    This is the BEST session to have! This will clear all of your top priority Auric Attachments, Karmic Imprints and Ids. It will help you in so many ways and is something I recommend to everyone! Remove your TOP PRIORITY Energetic Blockages. This will clear all your top priority energetic blockage in a wide range of areas!

  • Contact me for a custom intent clearing session!
    I recommend going through the Energetic Clearing package first. Once you have done this and you find there is more etheric charge and blockages related to that specific outcome. Then we can use also sessions in one on that very single intent. This session will be hyper-focused and will clear all karmic ties between you and others. This would be a good session as after you have cleared the top priority blockages as governed by your higher self in the first set of clearings. We are able to go in much more in a laser-like fashion. I’ll even guide you to a way of creating peace and closure without even having to see or speak to them. 🙂

This way we can go in MUCH more deeper and really clear ALL ties to that person and allow you to remove yourself from that energy dynamic once and for all! This is the key to manifest a high-frequency relationship(s) too. This can be a lover but it could also be for business partners or colleagues affecting your life! This is best if you have gone through the clearing package at least once first.


It is important that you keep your cords healthy and appropriate at all times! For you to have the best most positive and high-frequency relationships possible.


Remember that everything is energy and everything is connected. This is great because it allows us to change our life by engaging in our spiritual and etheric bodies. You will see that mentioned a lot. I would like to bring the other side of the argument through as well…

You have to create a new set of actions and create change in the 3rd dimension as well. After having a healing session or cutting cords etherically. They can reattach if you do not hold the correct attitudes and actions required to meet your desired outcomes. However, following a cord cutting exercise, you will feel a sense of relief and be able to manage your relationships more appropriately.

Now for some people, this will be really hard! For example, if you have been looking for a solution to this for a while. It can be super frustrating! You can manage who you let into your friend group and hope that someone won’t trigger you. But if you don’t remove the SOURCE of the problem (karmic imprints and ids), you will keep attracting the same people (tyrants etc) and fall into the same energy dynamic. This will keep happening until you learn the lesson of being able to overcome this problem!


– This is how karma works –

For those of you who find this harder to overcome (empaths I’m looking at you!). I have a solution for you. I was in the same boat, yep. However, it is something you DO NOT HAVE TO PUT UP WITH. There are SOLUTIONS! The fact you are reading this means you are ready to learn those lessons and advance your person/spiritual journey and open yourself to a whole new way of existing!


Finally, when you release energetic blockages it will be much easier to take more conscious control of your life. And if you really want to take it up a notch. That’s when a DNA activation can become MORE than helpful!


Thanks for reading and I hope that you integrate this knowledge in the best way possible! I can’t wait to work with those that feel called to really create change and transcend this energy dynamic.


Mace [Reiki Box Healing]


Ps. If you find it confusing which emotions are getting activated etc. Do not worry, we all have so many blockages and not enough DNA activated to help tell and understand ourselves and others. I would recommend you go through the series of energetic clearings and then receive the DNA Blockage Removal and Activation. This will help you in ALL areas of your life and with all your intents!

All Content Copyrighted and All Rights Reserved – Mason Wilkins – Reiki Box Healing


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