Imagine the taste of dirt in your mouth.
Have you actually ever eaten dirt?
Why do you know this is the accurate representation of dirt? What did you ‘get’ when I said that? A sense? A taste? A colour or smell?
You may have got a “flash” of knowing or a download of sensory and ‘extrasensory‘ data. You consciously received information by asking the above questions.
Here’s another one; What does the colour green smell like?
What does it taste like? What does it feel like? What do you get?
Depending on your current level of evolution this may be ‘obvious’ to you. You may get strong sensations, other people may get just a glimpse.
How about this… Have you ever had what I call ‘future dreams’? You have a vivid dream and you have a sense that it will happen. You forget about the dream and then sometimes months or even years later. You are LIVING that dream in your waking reality! At that moment you are experiencing the dream as reality, you know EXACTLY what is going to happen next. One example of this, is when I was younger both my sister and I had a dream about being in a van and speaking to these people. What happened about a year after that dream, is that we were in that Van with RANDOM people, who said the EXACT same things and acted exactly as they did in our dream! It was in a foreign country on a random family trip we went on, and we couldn’t have imagined being in that country either as we have never gone abroad before that holiday. Throughout my childhood onwards, I’ve had numerous dreams that have become real it’s a very cool experience to have! Sometimes these dreams can be mundane or random events. However, you can often dream or predict events that you couldn’t have possibly imagined logically. The best time I have had this was when I was single and DREAMED of laying in bed with my beautiful girlfriend Lauren. This was BEFORE we had even met. I KNEW she was the ‘one’ and it took about 6 months or so before I finally met her (through crazy circumstances). The ‘crazy’ thing was that when I had the courage to talk about this to her, it was even the same for her too!

That shows you some of the power of extrasensory perception. However, that was used unconsciously. You can use these higher senses for your own benefit if you can hone the skills necessary. You can communicate with your superconscious mind, read probable futures, become a human lie detector, learn your innate gifts, have a strong inner knowing and even communicate via telepathy. The list goes on.

We all have dormant “psychic senses” or higher senses ready to be awoken or activated. Some people are already using them without labelling them as such. Higher sensory Perception ‘HSP’ or extrasensory perception ‘ESP’ is what we can call ‘psychic sesnses’. However, there is nothing ‘extra’ about them. We ALL have SO much potential! A “psychic” is someone who has trained themselves in this natural ability to decipher this type of information. However, I would never (or will) ever call myself anything near a ‘psychic’. As ‘all’ we are doing is tapping into the NATURAL power we ALL have. Psychic senses aren’t something for the select few. It isn’t a distant ability, or placebo/something you want to believe! In fact, a lot of people rely on and use this knowledge on a daily basis. Personally, it took me time to believe I was worthy and deserving of these gifts. I dismissed these obvious experiences which went against my inner truth. I didn’t believe that this was a real skill and something I could use. It took time to rid myself of false programming I embedded as I got older. Take a moment now and think about your life. Do you have any experiences like these? You may notice and remember using some off these gifts yourself. Like I said, this is a natural ability that you can tune into.

So let’s pin down what exactly are ‘higher senses’?
When we talk about opening ‘higher sensory perception’. What we are talking about is, progressively activating our DNA. This is so we can plug in and use these senses. As higher sensory perception works with the higher levels of our Identity; the soul matrix and up. The ‘lower’ senses or primary senses are the standard; sight, sound, touch, smell and taste.
You interpret your reality from something called an ‘Apparthi receiver‘. It is this what helps you to decode your reality and give you your perception of your manifest hologram. You see the reality you can code in your DNA. We actually don’t perceive everything in our reality! Most people cannot see auras, energy and anything above dimension 3 even when it is right in front of them and even through them. The reason for this is that we only interpret and see one dimension below where our consciousness is primarily stationed. 3 DNA strands = 3 levels of the 3rd dimension and most people have 3-3.5 DNA strand activation.
We all have 12 senses; 5 Primary senses and 7 ‘higher’ senses.
The 7 higher senses are as follows:
[+] 6th sense = Inner visual/audio sense and direct cognition
[+] 7th sense = Telepathy
[+] 8th sense = Transmutation (shapeshifting)
[+] 9th sense = Consciousness Projection (can be used for remote sensing)
[+] 10th sense = Bilocation and multiple holographic projections (the astral body can be used for remote viewing)
[+] 11th sense = Dimentialisation (involution)
[+] 12th sense = Ascension out of the time matrix (exiting dimentialisation, evolution)
It’s YOUR power to reclaim!
No one is exempt from higher sensory perception. The way you can start accessing and interpreting this information is by removing energetic blockages and distortions in your DNA so that you are not blocking this information. Then you want to ACTIVATE the DNA so that you are ABLE to perceive this. Once this is in place, you may start to experience higher sensory perception without having to do anything. However, it is important to start PRACTICING. This is because it is like any other skill! Just like learning to play guitar or football, you must learn to master this skill by practising it frequently. This is when you start to TRUST your intuition, follow its advice and become more sensitive to it. Frequent DNA activations will allow you to progressively access more of your higher self (your own identity stationed in dimensions 4-12/15 depending on your DNA template), which allows you to embody that consciousness so that you can use these abilities much more.
The process of using higher sensory perception is the process of translating energy structures into a way you can perceive them. This is one of the ways I help to work with people in all my sessions. I am communicating directly to the avatar identity or the top level of the higher self (unless indigo) of the client receiving the session and using my ESP (extra-sensory perception) to read energy signatures on what energies and clearings to facilitate and when they have been completed. You can also tell how many blockages are associated with different parts of a person’s multidimensionality so that you can focus on these aspects if it is in line with the clients best interest for their intention.
Higher Self Serenity



Accessing your higher self
The higher self is the part of you stationed in dimensions 4-15. It’s intelligence starts at the heart chakra and is the reason why many gurus say to follow your heart. This level of intelligence can be referred to as the superconscious and the infinite intelligence it can access. Your higher sense is not bound by time and space and is far more powerful than we can even comprehend!
The higher self especially the Avatar and Rishi consciousness know exactly the right paths you can take to improve your self. This can be any intent you have whether that’s finances, health, love, career success or general happiness and wellbeing. When you live inline with your higher self, and start taking actions based on this inner knowing. You start manifesting your highest good and start experiencing all these great things. The ultimate reality you would like to manifest.
The more you live inline with your higher self, the more you get access to and embody this consciousness. This is exactly why it’s my purpose to be able to do this for myself and help facilitate others to do so as well. Imagine living in a world where everyone lives by the ‘rule of one’ mechanics (co-operation, unity consciousness, unconditional love). Where everyone fulfilled their soul purpose individually and collectively. LUSH!
So, how do you currently make decisions?
Do you use your mental body or your rational mind? Do you spend hours THINKING of the best solution and getting obsessed with the details? Or do you take BLIND action and hope for the best. Or maybe your decision is based on what feels right? A gut feeling? However, you still may be unclear on what this answer means and if it is even your own higher self giving you this message (and not karma or other thoughtform intrusions). So let me ask you a question; if you learned to turn on your intuition do you think you would have an edge on 99% off people out there who uses their limited rational mind and models and statistics based on the PAST? Do you think you would be able to tap into your own inner soul wisdom and fulfil your soul mission and guarantee your ideal reality?
The promise of this really takes extra sensory perception out of the realm of magical thinking and playing. To be a REAL practical tool to help you with your personal and spiritual progression. To help you manifest your ideal reality and master your hologram. It is this realisation where I have begun to really get into setting up a way for me to master these NATURAL ABILITIES. To use them as an ideal tool to help shape my hologram and to pass on this knowledge onto others so we can all help collectively fulfil our soul mission and bring everyone’s divine nature to this planet. To help the earth and everyone on it reach its potential.
So if you are looking to get started with amplifying your own intuition. Then going through the set of clearing and activations will help you to turn on this ability to make it become POSSIBLE. From there you can practice and master this skill to use as your number 1 resource. Your own inner wisdom!
I could go into much more detail in here but to keep it short you would want to start off with clearing energetic blockages as this clears the top priority energetic blockages you have (which has so many other benefits too):
Then you would want to remove unnatural implants and blockages (VERY important for intuition). As this is the energetic phenomena of why we forget who we are and all of this inherent information when we incarnate. Also the reason the pineal gland ‘calcifies’ and many other phenomena.
and then, of course, ACTIVATING your DNA and turning these senses on!
If you are looking to receive these high frequency sessions, you can click the following links below and I would love to work with you to help you to release energetic blockages and expedite your personal and spiritual mastery!
Ultimate Clearing Session
Clear all your TOP PRIORITY energetic Blockages and MANIFEST your hearts desires!
Mace [Reiki Box Healing]
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