Reiki Box Healing Membership FAQ


Can I study other healing modalities and receive other forms of healing at the same time as being a Reiki Box Healing Member?

Yes, no problem!
How Does Reiki Box Healing Work?
I send daily healing energy to every member of Reiki Box Healing. I will send energy to all members at the same time so that everyone can benefit and I can keep the costs down. Reiki and other healing energies are NATURALLY ABUNDANT. Meaning that you will always receive the required amount.

How do I know if I am still receiving the energy?

As soon as you sign up for Reiki Box Healing, you are agreeing to receive the energy and participate in this form of healing. This intent allows you to become a member of Reiki Box Healing. As long as you are in your free trial and are a full paying member of Reiki Box Healing you will continue to receive this subtle but compounding life force energy sent to you each and every day.

Should I still have a healing session if I am a Reiki Box Healing member?
My personal sessions do far much more than just sending Reiki energy. This is why they are so effective. I invented Reiki Box Healing because I got so much benefit out of performing daily Reiki Sessions on myself, I wanted to share this benefit with others. My intent is to reach as many people as possible. This is a soul-driven desire to bring divine love and healing to all.

Reiki Box Healing Membership Technical FAQ

I have a Reiki Box Healing Membership. How do I log in to the member’s area?

The membership area can be found at this link:

Save it as a bookmark so you can access it easily in future use.

I cannot remember my login details, please help!

You will have gotten an email from Search in your email provider for this email address. Then will find your email and password login details.
A simpler way to remember your details is to click the following link to reset your password:

If you still cannot access your account then please email

How Can I access the Reiki Box Healing Mastermind Group?
You will have got a link to join the facebook group when you signed up for the Reiki Box Healing Membership Trial. Send an email to if you cannot find the link to this.
How can I update my payment details? 
Please send an email to We can best advise you on the approach you will need to take to do so.
I no longer want to be a Reiki Box Healing Member. How can I cancel my subscription?
Sorry to see you go! You can pause your membership by contacting support by emailing, We can then cancel your membership and refund you if appropriate. Please see our full terms to understand more. You will be welcomed back ANY time you wish to rejoin, so no harsh feelings if the time is not right for you right now in your journey. (Note: Any offers and prices may change over time and you will have to join at the latest price etc. Only current live offers available publically are available. Once membership is at capacity or no longer supported you will not be able to rejoin your membership).
You can find our full cancellation and refund policy here:
You can find our full terms here:
What is the Refund Policy?
You get a 30-day Guarantee. If you decide to cancel your membership within 30 days of your first trial sign up. You will get a full refund. After the 30-day guarantee is over if you are seeking a refund. It is up to Reiki Box Healing’s discernment whether you can receive a refund. You can always cancel your membership before the next monthly cycle. If you are charged and have forgotten to cancel, then please send an email as soon as possible. You are likely to get a refund if you email the same or following day.
You can view the full policy at the following links:

I have another concern. How can I contact you?

All contact will need to be made via email. We will not respond to mail or phone requests. Please contact support at

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This is the Reiki Box Healing Blog. This is a spiritual healing blog which covers a number of different topics helping you to accelerate your spiritual understanding and journey. Reiki Box Healing is a unique form of healing and approach to creating success and abundance. Reiki Box Healing is a spiritual healing service where you can sign up to become part of a Reiki Box in which you then receive Reiki and healing energy every day. This is great as you will receive a day healing so that you can progressively improve and fulfil your goals of health, wealth, love and happiness! Reiki Box Healing gives you energetic support so that you can bring about more situations/events/places/things in line with your highest good and improve your life in line with your higher self!


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