So if you are on this page, you will most likely be seeking some answers about Reiki and how Reiki Distance Healing can help you to grow, improve and fulfil your potential. You intuitively know that we are just more than just our bodies, minds and emotions…

To view us in this limited 3rd-dimensional view leads us to MANY problems and distortions in perceiving and analysing our world! This is why we see so many people struggle with certain conditions be that physical, mental or emotional.

If we really want to take ourselves to the next level it is essential for us to acknowledge the other 12 higher dimensions above 3 the 3 we place our primary focus. Reiki and different distance healing practices have been proven time and time again from scientific studies and the many many experiences of the people who are brave enough to step up and claim this part of their original identity.

Without going into too much detail in this post, we are more than our physical bodies, we contain main energy structures, such as; Aura, Kundalini, Chakras, Meridians, Etheric bodies etc.

There are many things we can do to help ourselves including incorporating the various aspects of our harmonic universe. For example, physical exercise which will help balance ALL aspects of yourself. Emotional training, for example, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and heart intelligence based technologies. And finally incorporating our mental body. Using the mind to help bring aspects of our life into balance through meditation, positive thinking, reassessing situations and reading books.

Each method will affect and either help or hinder the other parts of us. This is taken into account the 3 dimensions we are stationed in. However, we have another 12 dimensional of reality we are existing in now as multidimensional beings!

Reiki Distance Healing is a way to bring to balance your whole self and entire essence. Optimising and giving you the life force energy you need and to help you remove any blockages you currently have energetically.

What does that look like in a 3rd-dimensional view? A better outlook on life, more inspiration and happiness, better health, better emotional control and feeling of being whole.

This is why Reiki Distance Healing and other spiritual practices are an integral part of anyone’s toolkit to bring them self, health, wealth, love and happiness.

Now if you have never tried Reiki or any other spiritual healing session before. It is such a good thing to consider. It can help you understand yourself and the world in many many ways and give you a feeling of balance you may have been seeking for!


Basically, whats to lose and how much is there to gain?!!


Now, where can you get started?


You could educate yourself more and learn the *science* of your soul, understanding the anatomy and educating yourself to understand more of the energetic principles taken place in your life.

There is a lot of information to learn, and it is an exciting process. However, it is always best I feel to EXPERIENCE it and see how it can be an excellent tool for you to accelerate your personal/spiritual development.

So now to answer the commonly asked question of those new to Reiki, or other distant healing methods:

“Does distance Reiki really work?”


It works because in an energetic sense we are all ONE.

When one part of the field is affected, it will affect other parts of the ‘field’. We are all part of and our as a collective. There have been many experiments done on this, and it can be proven by science!




Reiki Distance Healing Transcends Time & Space!


The Benefits of Reiki and Distance Healing?

People usual report experiences of:
[+] Balance and a feeling of wholeness
[+] Increased well being and positivity
[+] A heightened sense of peace
[+] Reduction of stress
[+] Increased Physical health and vitality
[+] Clarity and insight into your self and your life
[+] Balanced emotional, mental and physical body
[+] Release blockages from creating the life you desire (and MUCH more)


How Do I Receive Reiki Distance Healing?


You may be familiar with the view that a Reiki practitioner will lay their hands above the client and start channelling Reiki energy to help bring their client a sense of balance and give them some fresh new life force energy running through their bio-energetic field.

Distance healing works where the client is not physically present. You will agree on a time when to receive the healing, and the Reiki Practioner will channel Reiki Healing energy to you. This does NOT lose any strength of effectiveness at all! All the client has to do is relax and be in a receptive, mindful state.

This is why Distance Healing is my FAVOURITE and PREFERRED METHOD!

As the client receiving the healing can rest much easier in the comfort of their own home.

Sign Me Up, I wanna create some Profound change in my life!

I’m glad you think so… haha

This is why I am offering the below services:

Reiki Box Healing

Reiki Box Healing Trial

Get started with your FREE 21 Day Trial! Not only get chance to receive some great distance Reiki but you also get access to some amazing books, solfeggio sounds and guided meditations too!

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If you are new to Reiki or spiritual healing this is a perfect start and is great even if you are advanced and are a Reiki or Spiritual healer too!

Mace Reiki Box Healing


Mace [Reiki Box Healing]

Ps. Reiki is great, but the sessions you will receive are not equal, you want to find a great practitioner who is committed to working on themselves and have been ‘attuned’ to many different systems to create the BEST and most effective healing sessions. In short, I have been ‘attuned’ and receive the strongest forms of Reiki and put together my ‘Ultimate Healing Session’ that combines SO much more than Reiki which you can receive at a cheaper rate than a single in-person session!



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