The benefits of Etheric Cords is to be able to connect with people and create great bonds using your intuitive senses. It allows you to create a better picture of your environment and allows you a richer experience. While you are interacting with a person, even by thinking or talking about a particular person. You are creating an etheric cord with them!

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When linking with another energy (person, plant, thing etc.) you are monitoring their energy signatures. This will happen straight away, and you can monitor them from afar. Distance is a lot less separate in the spiritual realms/dimensions/reality. This means you are connected to them and receiving data from them now!


The more you interact and think about someone the more this cord strengthens. This means you will get more data from them, and the more you will know about that source. This is a fantastic thing when it is healthy. For example, having a great connection with your partner, being able to help them with their needs, sometimes where they fail to see it themselves. This is an incredible gift and will help you in all areas of your life. Another example will be able to help your friends or students articulate their desires and wishes, or simply bonding and knowing people on a deeper level.


– But it can get ‘ugly’ –


Etheric Cords don’t just send data and energy to you. It is a two-way transaction. It also goes the other way, people are reading, and *can* extract energy from you. Now if you are in healthy relationships, this is great. It’s amazing to have someone conscious enough to read this and help you in the moment or know when to ring you if you get upset! (they will just feel compelled to call or text). However, if you don’t have ‘healthy energetic hygiene’ and you have not reached a certain level of personal power. Etheric Cords can be unhealthy and very detrimental to your life’s experience.


The Dangers of Etheric CORDING


Have you come across the term psychic attack? Or do you feel drained around certain people? Do you find yourself constantly thinking about someone even having imaginary arguments with them?

You may be labelling some people as draining, even though you may not know what etheric cords are!

Well, when you find yourself in this situation, it is because you are literally being drained! Someone either consciously or unconsciously is using special tactics to suck energy through their etheric cords straight from you! It leaves them with much more energy and feeling great, whilst you… not so.

If you feel drained and low energy around some people. This is because this is exactly what has happened. Someone has used their etheric cords to attach to you and your chakra(s) and then drain your life force energy.


If you; 1) Feel drained when you are around a certain person and, 2) you cannot stop thinking about them. It is very likely that they are non-serving cords present.

The reason why you are still thinking about that person is that even though you may be physically away from them, you are NOT etherically.  This means you are linking to them and they are still sucking your energy from afar! There is a constant energy exchange happening.


Now if you cannot stop thinking about someone this doesn’t mean there are negative cords present. It may not always be non serving or negative to your experience. For example, I can’t stop thinking about how much I love my girlfriend but that isn’t getting in the way of my life! It is if we feel drained and negative and we can’t help but think about the person we see a negative cording activity.


A common cording scenario is where you have an ex-lover or ex-business partner (or any close relationship), and you cannot stop thinking about the wrongs that they have done to you, and there is still drama between you both. You will think about them and engage in pretend scenarios them from time to time for no clear, logical reason. This is not serving your life and it makes it hard to move forward. It will also attract you to similar events, and people who resonate with that energy frequency. This you do not want. This is why it is important to cut cords (and karmic ties) between the person and you.


Where do Etheric Cords Attach?


We have stated in the previous post (What are Etheric Cords) that Etheric Cords can attach to anything; a person, place or event etc. However, when we think or interact with a person what we usually will attach to is one of their energy structures, the chakras. Now if you already know about chakras, you will understand that each chakra has a different purpose, function, and is located in a different part of the physical body. The two common places Etheric Cords can attach themselves is the Solar Plexus Chakra and the Sacral Chakra.

When we look at how Etheric Cords may affect Chakras, we may see the Solar Plexus chakra causing issues to do with Personal Power and the Sacral Chakra causing issues to do with sexuality, intimacy and relationships.

(This is why I place high importance on MASTERING your lower chakras. As this is how we can move forward and create change in our lives!)

Etheric Cords and ‘Energy Vampires’


So there is a common label people in the spiritual development community call people who are energetically draining. The term often referred to is, “Energy Vampire”.

They use ‘special tactics‘ to draw energy to them the best way they can. You will tend to find people who are draining use two tactics, in particular, to suck that life force energy right out of you!


1) Victimisation

2) Guilt Manipulation Tactics


People who are draining will often use victimisation to extract love, compassion and empathy. Victims want pity but will not step up to change their life or listen to you. All they do is feed off your energy, and no matter how much you may try they will not take charge of their own life.

Another way people may try and extract your energy is by using guilt. There is a number of ways they can do this. They will try and make you feel guilty for certain things in their life or what you may have done. Or they do something ‘nice’ for you just so that they have a reason to guilt you into doing something for them.

Now it is not all doom and gloom. As if you resonate with energy vampires (empaths struggle with this). It means YOU have more work to do. It can be a great (although hard) lesson. But you have come to this blog for a reason; you are seeking more information to allow you to step up and create your ideal experience. 🙂

Tomorrow, I will give you some TOP TIPS on how to end this energy dynamic once and for all! I’ll even give you a top spiritual healing technique (which is easy to do), to help you

But before I go, I want to leave you with one final piece of advice…

If you are being drained by people, it is because YOU ARE LETTING THEM and ENGAGING with this negative relationship energy dynamic.


Until tomorrow,

Mace [Reiki Box Healing]

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