In Short,

An Etheric Cord is something that allows you to connect to another person, place, time or event and receive and send energetic information.

Etheric Cords are just a connection and are not (as anything really) negative.

Please suspend any previous judgement and treat this post with an open mind. I will go through what an Etheric Cord is, its positives and, where it can cause issues.


An Etheric Cord is an energy structure.


Energy structures are the various energy patterns you are made up off. For example, the Aura, Kundalini, Chakras, Meridian and Etheric Cords are all energy structures. Etheric Cords are a part of us and a part of what makes us, us. Etheric Cords allows us to effectively connect and sense our energetic environment.

Etheric Cords are often seen as tentacle-like cords or lines of energy which attach to other people, places, plants etc. – be that a person or inanimate object! In short, an Etheric Cord allows you to be connected and interpret data from that source. You will be able to get a sense of the source and receive insight or even feel its Emotions and Thoughts. You will get intuitive perceptions or flashes. As an example of this happening in a practical sense. This is the reason why if we think of a person and then they ring you just as you were thinking about them. The phrase, “I was just thinking about you… weird!” haha. This means that the person set an intent to connect with you, (ring you and speak to you) you receive that etheric cord and start thinking about them too. Then the phone call goes through.

Especially when you become clearer, and you raise your frequency, you will be more sensitive to these subtle energies and get more of these “Flashes” of intuition.

When you have healthy etheric cords, it can be like a hidden superpower! The great thing is it is already part of you, and you are most likely already using this hidden power already to help you in your daily life.

Another example of how this can play out in your life is the following. Have you ever got a sense that someone is feeling different to how they project themselves? Do you notice when someone is being awkward and putting on a front, or if your lover says they’re ok – but you KNOW they aren’t?

This is this part of your awareness that is continually evaluating energy signatures from your environment or whatever and wherever you are cording. We all have intuition and are all avatars or ascended masters in a dimension already. So we have extensive capabilities we can tap into and use to help ourselves and others.

The reason why we don’t consciously know about this (until now) and can use it to its fullest is that we have so many distortions and energetic blockages right now. In all parts of your bioenergetic field. To understand and use these tools and reach our full potential right now we have to work to remove these blockages.


How This Feedback Mechanism works?


The way these etheric cords help us analyses a person or situation will be personal to you. It will change and adapt and come through in many different forms. You can pay attention to a sense of ‘knowing’, or you may get a sense or thought or vision of that person. This is that higher awareness giving us this information we are sensing subconsciously in a way that we currently understand in our 3rd-dimensional awareness (Physical, Emotional Mental). This isn’t just daydreams or your mind wandering, it could be our Higher Self and higher sensory perception communicating to us in a way we understand.


Watch out for a post tomorrow, where I will explain more about the benefits and dangers of etheric cords! Have you had any experiences like this? Let me know in the comments?


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