There are SO many benefits of DNA Activation! A DNA Activation is like an upgrade for your soul. In fact its an update for your whole entire self; your mind, body and soul. Depending on the type of DNA activation session you choose, it can affect ALL 15 levels of awareness. This starts the process of EMBODYING more of this awareness into where you are stationed now. This allows you to be more of your higher self or that higher awareness in your DAILY LIFE and in each moment. A DNA activation session is the fastest way to embody your higher self and expedite your spiritual progress. There are so many benefits of DNA activation. In this article, I intend to answer your question of what the benefits of DNA activation are and why YOU should book a DNA activation today!

In this article I will go through some of the main benefits you will receive after receiving a DNA activation.

Benefits of DNA activation include but are not limited too:
[+] Better Health
[+] Better Manifestation Abilities
[+] Anti Aging
[+] Dramatically Raise Your Frequency
[+] Activate Your Higher Senses
[+] Vibration Harmonisation
[+] Improve and Activate your other Energy Structures (Chakras, Kundalini etc)
[+] Align to Your Soul Mission
[+] Embody Your Higher Self
[+] Increased Intuition
[+] Better cognitive skills
[+] Better Physical Energy & Vitality
[+] Raise Your Consciousness and Self Awareness
[+] Attract a Higher Frequency Grid of People, Places & Events

DNA activation sessions are probably the most intense type of spiritual healing or activation session you can receive. A DNA activation is a very special session and it does a number of different things for yourself. You will receive all of the above and more. It is a very bold statement and a lot to gain. However, DNA activations are a very special session and can achieve a lot.

The Benefits of DNA Activation

1) Better Health

When you raise your frequency and activate your original divine blueprint. You are restoring your natural state of health and vitality. All health problems stem in some sort from an energetic blockage. There is always an energetic component. Of course, the correct life changes, diet and exercise are crucial. However, when you release energetic blockages affecting your health you will probably get more insight into what actually works for you as well, and fulfil your bodies needs. To reach a state of total vibrant health and vitality, you need to consider a number of factors. It could be stress, limiting beliefs (lack of self-belief or confusion over what to do), it could even be that the blockages are creating unharmonious energy blockages and frequencies that do not allow the body to accrete life force currents properly to sustain its self. That is why you see a lot of people momentarily having better neck pain or issues with the throat for example if they have had their throat chakra balanced. All aspects of your life are connected! A DNA activation will help by activating your body’s natural process of repair and vitality, removing energetic blockages in the DNA and allowing you to accrete life force energies to sustain your physical body in the best way possible. You will also gain more self-awareness and intuitively know how to better help your self.
You will be activating your body’s natural process of self-repair and healing. When you activate your DNA everything gets an upgrade including your physical body, Throughout the process of a DNA activation, you will notice a wide range of different sensations which will include changes in your physical energy and activity. Throughout the process, your body will be able to receive the higher frequencies it needs to self-sustain its self and you will have a heightened sense of healthy feeling of vitality.

2) Better Manifestation Abilities

When your Frequency rises. Your intent becomes MUCH more powerful. We live in a shared time matrix, where everyone’s thoughts are co-creating the world we live in. Everyone is manifesting all the time. Just, most people are unaware of it. This is why most peoples life’s experience is not what they want as a lot of people are consciously and unconsciously negative. Manifesting a lot of what they do not want. This can happen a lot but the emotion of FEAR, which is a strongly charged emotion experienced by a lot of people. When you work on yourself more and release blockages and then ACTIVATE the DNA. Your intent carries much more intensity and reaches above over other peoples intents. That means you strong signals will manifest what you want better and FASTER than you have previously. If you keep on receiving DNA activations you can eventually get to the point where manifestation can happen almost instantly with some intents. If you are familiar with the Law of attraction, a DNA activation takes this ability to another level, along with the other universal laws, the law of correspondence and the law of resonance.

3) Anti-ageing

Activating your DNA leads to rejuvenation and anti-ageing. It is the bodies process NOT to decay and age. The reason we do is due to unnatural blockages and distortions in the DNA. When we remove these and activate our DNA we recode the bodies ability to heal its self and not be affected by the UNNATURAL process of ageing and decay.

4) Raise Your Frequency

Raising your frequency is something GUARANTEED, in a DNA activation session. In fact, your frequency will soar so high. You will also keep your frequency higher and be less affected by others and your emotions will be much more stable. This means you will achieve a heightened state of “vibrational harmony”. This is where all your chakras and energy structures lie in their optimal range more often and they do not change as easily due to reactions to your internal or external environment. This can be due to events, people and experiences.

5) Activate your higher senses

This is another benefit of DNA activation. When you activate your higher DNA strands you will also be activating and EMBODYING that higher level of awareness. This allows you easier access to those states, but to also live in those states constantly. This means you can have your intuition and higher sensory perception guide you in life. Not just in your meditation sessions a lot of practice to enter a deep state and a little bit of luck! Stop wishing and start living! Sometimes following a DNA activation, if you are ready, and have done enough energetic clearing work. Your higher senses will just pop out into manifestation. Other ways they may come about is that you may be led to read a book on intuitively reading energy signatures or taking a training. Once reading and learning the techniques you will be able to sense using these techniques. You already may have tried or practised techniques that use your higher senses. If you feel that they just don’t seem to work for you or you don’t really get much. Following a DNA activation, you will be much more likely achieve more success and desirable results from this. The practice you put into these techniques will be well worth it as you will now have access to this higher level of sensory perception from now on. This can only increase 🙂

6) Vibrational Harmonisation

When you enter a state of ‘Vibrational Harmonisation’. You are embodying the frequencies of self-love and have opened your heart chakra. All of your Chakras are now in a state of harmonisation and they will be less affected by different events or people. You will keep your frequency stable and are less likely to enter into deeply negative states. At this point, you will have transmuted a LOT of energetic blockages on all levels of your awareness. Following this, the DNA activation will help your chakras to open up wide and hold a lot of frequency. This means they will be in the most optimal state for where you are in your spiritual progression at that time and they will keep their frequency in this range.

7) Improve and Activate your other Energy Structures (Kundalini etc)

Every energy structure is linked together. However, they all stem from the DNA. Activating your DNA will start coding and changing your other energy structures. So when you activated your higher DNA strands, for example, you will be opening and activating your higher senses and higher chakras. You can also open your heart to embody unconditional self-love and even Omni love (a state of love for all). Your Kundalini can be activated from the DNA level and so can your chakras. The DNA affects everything directly. As all energy structures stem from the DNA.

8) Align to Your Soul Mission

Most people are TOTALLY UNAWARE of their soul mission! That makes it IMPOSSIBLE to align to and FULFIL your Soul mission. When you start activating strands 4-6 or your ‘soul matrix’. You start to find out the reason you incarnated here and your soul mission etc. We all have 2 soul missions, a collective soul mission. This is where we need to be committed to raising our frequency and thus assisting the earth and every living thing on it through this ascension process. Then we have a personal soul mission, this can be seen as a way we help serve the world and help co-create a higher frequency world. It could be anything, a problem you have overcome and can help someone, to writing a breathtaking book or piece of music that uplifts someone and helps people create states of joy, love, unison etc.

9) Embody Your Higher Self

This is a big part of DNA activation. In DNA activation, we are aiming to embody our higher levels of consciousness. This brings in the Higher self so that we are more connected with this Avatar level of awareness. Embodying your higher self will be embodying the master level of consciousness within you, that you already possess. When you are connected to your higher self, you will have a much higher level of consciousness and be at a VERY advanced level of spiritual progression. The main thing to note here as well is that you are not just connecting and accessing this information. You are LIVING it! That means you will be that level of consciousness and it will be a part of you that comes through as realisations and will ultimately change your whole entire life’s experiences. Internally and your outward reality.

10) Increased intuition

Following DNA activation you will find that your intuition will improve greatly. You will have activated your higher senses and they will start to come through more & more for you. The more you are committed to becoming clearer (removing energetic blockages) and integrating more light into your morphogenetic field (Activating DNA). The more of your higher awareness will come through. As well as sorting out your other aspects of self like self-confidence, relationship drama and physical health!

11) Better Cognitive Skills

When you surrender to your divine feminine and start using your intuition. Your level of intellect will soar. You will become much more intelligent and will have a great spiritual and life understanding start to take place. Your higher self is so advanced to where we are right now when we start to embody and gain access to this level of awareness we can use it in our daily lives. This is one way it will come through. Imagine having a download of your minds operating system, where you see new answers to problems and get an acquired understanding of problems. This will happen with DNA activation along with removing energetic blockages.

12) Raise Your Consciousness and Self Awareness

When you activate your DNA you Raise your Consciousness and you have much more self-awareness. You are much more aware of your thought patterns, karmic loops you may be in and how you are approaching scenarios in your life. A lot of experts say if they could have a superpower they would choose ‘Self Awareness’. This is because Self Awareness is such a crucial skill to be able to grow and evolve. If you want to create the results in your life you are looking for you need to be aware of how you are showing up.

13) Attract a Higher Frequency Grid of People, Places & Events

Your frequency controls everything. The universal law of resonance states that you will attract a set of people, places, times and events based on your frequency. Whatever you resonate with either consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously, you will experience in your life. The frequencies you hold in your morphogenetic field will project into your reality and will become your experience. Following a DNA activation, you will start to attract people based on your new frequency and as you will be activating this higher dimensional awareness into you. Your frequency will be mirrored and perceived as new experiences, attracting new people and acting in new ways to manifest inline with your higher self, rather than that of the ego or heavily charged energetic blockages.

14) Better Emotional Intelligence

If you haven’t guessed already. The DNA activation does really help a wide range of things!! Why? Becuase you are upgrading one of the core components which programs your entire self! This will, of course, lead to emotional mastery too! You will be more emotionally fluid and be better able to unwind and process emotions. Especially when you focus on the 2nd DNA strand (which correlates with your sacral chakra and your emotional body).


The process of enlightenment is the process of bringing or ‘accreting’ light into the body. It is a process called ‘involution’. Where source can come into you from the highest dimensions and make its way down into your physical and etheric bodies. The Lightarian Institute called this process ‘Descension’ process. Whilst the ‘Ascension’ process is where you become a higher frequency and begin coming closer to source and eventually exit the time matric and enter the higher dimensions and be one with source.

The more we activate our DNA = the more light we accrete into your field.


So as you can see from this article that there are SO many benefits of DNA activation!

If you would like to get started today then you can order a DNA activation from me here:

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DNA Activation Session

This includes the Unnatural Implants and Blockages Removal session which is a prerequisite to the DNA activation session. You can also find the link for a DNA Activation session only too there if have already received this session.


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