In traditional Indian medicine that is, Ayurvedic medicine, health and wellness are believed to be based on many factors. One of these is that the chakras are well balanced.

The chakras are like wheels of energy continually spinning in 7 different locations in our body. The spin like a flat plate, from the front of our bodies to the back. This means we can work on our chakras ourselves, or have others do chakra work with us, such as energy work or using aromatherapy, stones or crystals.

Reiki also uses the theory of the chakras in its healing. Reiki is a form of ‘hands-on healing’ which has resurfaced again with its roots from Japan. However, it doesn’t always have to be by touch. The most skilled reiki masters can even heal from a distance, or with just one look.

There are many different ‘energy structures’ in the human body. The chakras are probably one of the most recognisable ones. Some of the other energy structures we have are the Aura, Kundalini and Meridians. When facilitating a Reiki session for someone we are channelling ‘life force energy’ so that we can supply the person energy bodies with healing frequencies so that they can raise their frequency, heal and help each energy structure to balance.

Each of the 7 chakras has an energy and colour associated with it. They are:

The Root (1st) Chakra


Root Chakra

It is located in the base of your spine and around the area of your anus. The function of this chakra is the desire for safety, stability, food, water and shelter. It is the foundation of a good life.

Associated with the colour; Red

The Sacral (2nd) Chakra


Sacral Chakra


It is located just below the navel.
This is the seat of procreative and reproductive energy. It is the seat of passion, desire and creativity.

Associated with the colour; Orange

The Solar Plexus (3rd) Chakra


Solar Plexus Chakra

It is located at the area of the sternum where the bottom middle of the rib cage ends. This is at the top of the stomach and the centre of the body below the heart chakra.
Think of solar, like the sun. The word plexus means ‘network’. It is in the middle of your body, at the area where your ribs separate. This is the seat of willpower, the energy that helps you drive towards success. The solar plexus chakra is also the power centre of the body, allowing you to stand up for yourself and take action to put into physical manifestation your true desires.

Associated with the colour; Yellow

Heart (4th) Chakra


Heart Chakra

It is located at heart centre, in the middle of your body and is associated with the colour green. The heart chakra is in the centre of your chest and is associated with love and compassion. A balanced chakra will help you to have loving relationships and a happy, joyous life. The Heart Chakra is special as it is the bridge between the physical body and the soul identity. This is why a lot of traditions will often say ‘listen to your heart’. As the heart can give you profound insight and can give you much better answers than the mind ever could!

There is something called a heart intelligence proven by the heart math institute. And in scientific studies, it has been shown that although the brain sends signals to the body and the heart, the heart sends just as many messages from itself back to the brain! This means that the heart has its own brain if you like. This for me was a profound realisation! From a spiritual viewpoint, another profound point worthy of mention is that the heart chakra marks the first level of your higher self and is the start of the soul identity (Harmonic Universe 2).

Associated with the colour; Green


Throat (5th) Chakra


Throat Chakra


Located in your throat, it controls communication, to say what you mean and be understood. This colour for this chakra is blue. When you are able to master this chakra you are able to communicate effectively and voice your feelings and express your ideas. The other benefit of having an optimised throat chakra is that when you have removed enough blockages and it has opened and activated to a certain level. You are then able to walk your own truth. This means that even in stillness people will understand what you are about. You will also be actively fulfilling your soul mission for this chakra to fully open and you will likely have clear communication with your soul and higher self.

Associated with the colour; Blue

Third Eye (6th)


Third Eye Chakra

Located between your eyebrows, this is the centre of your intuition. It helps you perceive the world around you with greater clarity, including the spiritual world. The colour of this chakra is ‘indigo’ and is a purplish blue colour. It is often referred to as a third eye, and there are many signs and symbols of this chakra in all cultures. The third eye is your mind’s eye and when you reach a point where it is sufficiently activated you will have an amazing intuition and psychic powers or higher senses. It is also associated with the ‘angelic mind’ and if you are familiar with the term ‘indigo child’. They get this name as they have this chakra opened more than the rest of the population from birth.

Associated with the colour; Indigo

The Crown (7th) Chakra


Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra is located at the top of your head. It is actually located slightly above the head. It connects with all your chakras within, and with the universe outside. The function of this chakra is to give your body and soul access to life force energy currents from source and allow you to realise the god essence in your self and others. This is the start of the oversoul aspect of your multidimensional reality and connects you to your soul family and twin flame. At this level, you are actually part of 144 incarnations, timelines where you were previously incarnated and where you are in different dimensions of your reality. It is said that once we have transcended the issues and thus the energetic blockages of the lower 3 chakras, made our way through, integrated and activated our soul identity levels chakras 4,5 & 6. We can then reach the 7th chakra and experience enlightenment and ecstatic bliss.

Associated Colour; Purple and sometimes White


As well as the 7 embodied chakras there is also 8 Morphogenetic Chakras.

So in total, we all each have 15 chakras.

The chakras act as access points to different dimensions and they provide lifeforce energy to the various systems in our body as well as having different functions within your life as well (as stated above).

If you’ve been feeling run down or out of kilter in certain areas of your life, Reiki might be the perfect way to even out your energy and balance your chakras for better health. When you work with the Chakras, it will, in turn, affect the other energy structures contained in the body also.

We all have chakras, and we can get insight into how they are performing by looking at what shows up in our life. Taking into the account all the experiences we are having.

Look into the areas of your life and see if you would like to improve in any of the areas. If you find you are lacking in a certain area of your life. This will show up in your chakras.

A common one is feeling unsupported in life and feeling a little directionless, ungrounded and fearful. This could be related to issues of the Root chakra.

There is a saying, ‘as within, so without’. This is a great teaching as what this means is how your energy is inside of you is what you manifest as your experienced reality. Thus, a closed Root chakra would lead you to experience events which will keep it shut and resonate with situations, events and people that are of a lower frequency. This is also how Karma works, where you experience the energetic quality of your karmic imprints.


How can you improve your chakras and in turn your LIFE?

1) Ultimate Healing Session

To really improve your life you can balance and heal your energy bodies.
This will balance your whole life and your whole self together. Bringing everything into balance and making you feel complete.

However, if you really want to, improve your life then the following sessions you should really consider!

2) Clearing Sessions

There are 3 sessions we can do to clear your TOP priority energetic blockages.
They are in order:
Auric Clearing session – Clear soul fragments, auric attachments, occupants and discarnets. Close any open portals and wormholes and receive a download from your higher self.

Karma Removal Session – Remove all top priority Karmic Imprints and Ids. Also, any karmic loops and karmic ties with other people/places &/or events if necessary.

Shadow Self – The shadow self is the part of you running in reverse. This is where we spawn identities and personalities based of off heavily charged karmic imprints.

4) Activate your DNA

When you have removed energetic blockages, there is room for you to activate more DNA. DNA sessions are very transformative and do a lot for your whole energetic system. All your energetic structure stem from your DNA so when you experience a DNA activation, you will then, in turn, upgrade your bioenergetic system as a whole!

5) Custom Intent Clearing/Activation

Look at a chakra, and you can improve it by a ‘Custom intent clearing’. This is where you could clear multiple energetic blockages. And then activate the DNA strand to do with that particular chakra.

If you want to take back your power and create a massive life change then why don’t you combine them all! You will be surprised at how you and your new reality unfolds!

Disclaimer: Healing is an active role and requires you to make the necessary changes in your life to continue your accelerated spiritual process.

Ps. I salute you for taking time to integrate this advanced knowledge and taking back your personal power piece by piece.


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