What exactly is a ‘Healing Session’?


There are lots of different styles or energies to heal with! Although the most popular and most well known is the system of Reiki. Even within Reiki, there are countless variations or flavours of “Reiki” energy. Reiki as you may be aware stands for “Universal Life-force Energy”. It is an advanced infinite aware energy that is present in all things.


When we do a healing session we want to help the client in the best way. We want to help them in whatever way is best suited for them and this current time. This is where Reiki or other healing energies is so beneficial.


Why are healing session beneficial?


The reason why these healing sessions are so beneficial is that this energy whether Reiki or any other style, knows exactly where to flow to help that person and it is unique to that moment and where the person is in there life’s journeys.


You do not ‘need to be healed’. As you are perfect how you are.


These sessions allow yourself to heal your self and allow you to raise your consciousness and release whatever is not serving you (even things that you are unaware off). This is the beauty of spiritual healing. It allows you to improve in so many ways and does it in the best way possible for yourself.


As you progress in your spiritual path either by receiving healings or clearings or attunements etc.


You and your life will begin to blossom and you take in a new awareness and discover more and more about yourself and the world as a whole. The journey never stops and although we call it healing sessions, what it is is allowing you to grow and improve in the best possible way. All you have to do is show up!


This is why I love these sessions and why I created a business in this.


I want to spread this information and allow lots of people to help themselves and educate themselves to progress spiritually and be the catalyst to there spiritual development.


This is why something like Reiki Box Healing is so powerful!


Reiki Box Healing uses multiple styles of healing energies to help everyone who has subscribed to be a Reiki Box Healing Member to grow and have supportive energy daily.


The importance of daily healing is key, as like all things we make changes through time and it often doesn’t happen in a moment. We all have good days and bad days and we all seek to grow and improve. The reasoning behind reiki box healing is that it allows both anyone and energy healers themselves a chance to be cared for by being sent nurturing healing energies to be sent to them daily. I like to think of the results of this to be cumulative, why? Because just like compound interest – the idea that interest every day grows and grows and forms an incredible amount over time. Daily Reiki can do the same in bringing great change and higher vibrations into yourself and your life as a natural reflection of your inner state.


What are the types of things healing sessions help you with?


All though this may sound like a cop out question… Healing sessions help with EVERYTHING!


Which is truly incredible, and it does literally live up to the hype healing sessions get.


But for a more practical approach to answering this question. Reiki healing (in particular) has been proven to help:


  • Stress
  • The Immune system
  • Sleep efficiency
  • Mindfulness
  • Positive outlook on life
  • More conscious control over your life
  • Health & Vitality
  • Mental issues


Although I believe looking at healing certain areas as limited in your view and approach to healing. If you look closely at your life there is ALWAYS an energetic perspective to everything in your life and how you act. Even down to your personality. Universal life force energy (Reiki) is everywhere and is the building blocks to all things in our life.

That is way when you can tap into this powerful abundant healing power, your life begins to bloom in the most unimaginable ways!


The aim of healing sessions?

The aim of healing sessions I believe is to bring someone back to wholeness. A place they may have never really experienced. I also believe it is to optimise and improve and raise the vibration of the person and all their energetic counterparts to give them access to themselves at their greatest capacity


What I like to do in healing sessions is optimise and heal all the energy structures and then give the client reiki healing and allow it to flow to where it is needed.

The Energy Structures Are:

  • Aura
  • Kundalini
  • Chakras
  • Meridians

The idea of bringing someone back to wholeness is an ongoing and never needing process. It’s a term I picked up from when I became a Shamballa master healer.


You can become a Reiki Box Healing member by clicking here.


The downsides to all healing sessions though are that sometimes these healing get blocked by the receiver! This is because of something called “Auric attachments” and “Occupants”.


If you would like to find out more Auric Attachments see this post.


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