What is a DNA Activation: It is an activation session where you activate the etheric strands of DNA to start a Process of Embodying more light, higher levels of consciousness and your higher self.

The DNA is what encodes and helps form our other energy structures. The DNA is located in each of the cells of the body and carries a set of instructions which can code different proteins in the physical body. It also stores karmic imprints, ids and past life memories, the soul mission and more. The energy structures; Aura, Chakras, Meridians and Kundalini come from the DNA. When we affect our DNA, we also change our other energetic bodies.

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When we look at the DNA from a spiritual perspective, we realise that there are other strands to the DNA other than the two physical strands. There are a number of strands that have not been found and explored yet by science. Everyone has a DNA template, which usually contains 12 strands of DNA. There are two physical strands and then a further ten etheric strands.

However, there are different DNA templates available such as an indigo DNA template which can have 24 or 48 strands of DNA available to be activated. The differing in DNA strands is why you may see DNA activation sessions with various amount of strands of activation available. However, the reason why although most people (including practitioners) think that sessions that offer more strands of activation are better or stronger. This statement is not strictly true. The reason for different strands of DNA is because different people may have a different amount of DNA strands for their particular DNA template.

Each strand of DNA is correlated to a different part of each energetic structure. For example, the 1st strand of DNA is linked to the first Chakra and the first layer of the aura. The second strand is linked to the second chakra (sacral chakra) and the second level of the aura (emotional body).

What is the purpose of DNA activation?


When we activate the DNA, we are activating the dormant strands in order to accrete more light and EMBODY those higher levels of awareness. We are activating our higher sensory perception and expediting our spiritual progression.

The end goal spiritually is to activate 12 strands of DNA. However, this CANNOT be achieved in one session. To give you a sense of what having 12 strands of DNA activated would be like, you would be an Ascended Master, and you would be able to enter and exit the time matrix at will. You would be able to bi-locate and have very advanced levels of higher sensory intelligence.

To reach 12 strands of DNA is an aim for a lot of people. Whether they know it or not. Everyone has a ‘Collective Soul Mission’, to raise their frequency. We must continue on our path of spiritual evolution, becoming clearer and more spiritually advanced. Raising our consciousness and becoming one with source again. This ‘Soul Mission’ can be interpreted as a feeling of growth and expansion which you may feel a strong calling for! Another personal soul mission or the reason we incarnated here for a lot of people (especially indigos) is to restore the 12 strand DNA template for themselves and to help others to do the same. I will note here that this is not something we HAVE to do. As we have free will and can live our lives however we would like. What you will find is that when you work on and fulfil your soul mission is that your life will be fufilled and you will be in many pleasurable states and emotions. It will be fun and something you will want to do. This inner urge is why a lot of people love developing themselves in health, wealth, relationships, career etc. As when you are consciously choosing to improve you will be challenging your outdated mindsets, learning new information and will be given chances to unwind emotions and resolve the unresolved emotions resulting as energetic blockages in the morphogenetic field.

To manage to reach a state where 12 strands of DNA are activated will take a lengthy amount of time. To become that clear and activate that amount of DNA you will need to work on your self regularly and consistently. It would be best to learn the best techniques possible such as spiritual techniques to expedite this process. This is because it may take many many lifetimes even thousands or more to get there without it. However, sessions like DNA activation can expedite the process so you can move MUCH faster through your spiritual progression and reach your potential and keep growing in the shortest time available. This is such a great session as who wants to be stuck in the same place for lifetimes?! Why don’t we engage in these sessions and learn in this lifetime, this week, how we need to address situations differently. Unwind emotions and start achieving our BIRTHRIGHT of unconditional love, happiness, financial prosperity, and even higher sensory perception!

However, as we have SO MANY energetic blockages, this means it requires multiple DNA activation sessions, to reach 12 DNA strand activation or even 6 strands or less! You cannot activate and embody 12 dimensions of consciousness in a single DNA activation! To say this would be very misleading and will rob you of your chance to try multiple sessions and to see yourself how much EACH session makes a HUGE impact in your life! However, the first one will be very important and will start a huge etheric process in you, one which we will go into detail later.

DNA Activation


The purpose of DNA activation


The purpose of a DNA activation is to activate your potential for this point in your spiritual progression. Your higher self will know how much frequency you can currently handle. So you will only get as much as you can. You cannot instantly become an ascended master and have all 12 strands activated as this intense level of frequency transmission would shatter your scalar grids. Meaning you would explode your crystal body and you will be of a VERY primitive level of conscious, that of a rock. That is why your higher self controls the amount of frequency you can handle at the time. Your higher self, which is you stationed in dimensions 4-15, will always keep you safe and is bringing about the best for you ALL the time (and in no time). It makes sense to EMBODY this level of awareness and live the life of your dreams.

Ascended Master Buddha

When you activate your DNA, you are realising your potential and self-actualising! Your frequency will soar, and you will gain a lot of realisations and insight into your life.

To find out about the Benefits of DNA activation then check this blog post.


How does DNA Activation work?


The way I facilitate DNA activation sessions is by connecting to your higher self and working with your Higher Self and the Ascended Masters to help activate your DNA and also remove blockages in the DNA. I use the consciousness of specific higher dimensional technology (Harmonic Resonance Codes) and energy directing techniques to activate your potential in line with your higher self.

Why should I undertake a DNA activation?


If you have done some previous spiritual work, for example removing energetic blockages. You can then go for a DNA activation session. When you remove energetic blockages, you clear adverse energy patterns. When you do this, you have more space in your field to accrete more light into your field. That is why it is best to undergo clearing work such as the clearing package I offer before a DNA activation session. A clearing session will remove your top priority energetic blockages which makes room for you to accrete more light and activate more DNA.
Before you activate your DNA, you would need to have an ‘unnatural implants removal session’. The reason for this is because Unnatural Implants and Blockages will keep a cap on your level of DNA activation and will put you in a frequency fence.
If you have already had a DNA activation, I would suggest that you should receive another session. I facilitate 12 Strand DNA activations and even 144,000 Strand DNA Activation (this is the Golden Rishi Consciousness – an important activation for lightworkers). The DNA activation sessions I facilitate are very advanced, deep and effective.

A DNA activation is for you if you would like to reach your potential, raise your frequency, embody your higher self and increase your higher sensory perception.

Embodying Light

Hopefully, I have debunked some myths and have shed some light about what DNA activation is, the confusion of DNA templates and that you can’t activate your entire 12 strand DNA structure in one single session! I want to set you up with the best mental framework for DNA activations as I can. My purpose for these articles is to help you to reach your potential and achieve all your life hopes and desires!


How I Can Help?


You can sign up for a DNA Activation session by clicking the link or pictures below:

> DNA Activation Session <

Step 1) 
You will need to remove Your Unnatural Blockages and Seals. Click the picture to discover more about this session. This is a session you only have to receive ONCE. It will permanently clear these seals and unnatural blockages you have picked up when you have incarnated, for good!

Unnatural Blockages RemovalStep 2)

Receive Your DNA Activation! This will activate ALL levels of your identity and each 12 strands of DNA. It will also activate your ‘Rishi Identity’. This is what people refer to as a 144,000 strand DNA activation.

DNA Activation

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You can get both sessions at an AMAZING price when you order them together! You will receive TWO separate sessions. Click the link to find out:

DNA Activation & Unnatural Implants Removal SessionDNA Activation Session & Unnatural Implants Removal

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