An aura is another energy structure we all have. It is another way we interpret the world and is another way our energy flows and extends.

What is an Aura?

The aura looks like a domed shape energy field which encompasses and surrounds your entire being and energy fields. It expands around a couple meters around your physical body and as you grow spiritually it will even expand.

Your aura will help you to scan your environment and get energetic data from your surroundings. This is usually processed and can be one of the factors that make up your intuition. There is always an energy exchange between your environment and yourself. This is why when you are in low-frequency surroundings you can feel drained by other people and the place itself. This is not a good belief to uphold as this sets you up to allowing your environment to negatively affect you. However, it is wise to be conscious of how some people and places make you feel. It can be both positive and/or negative. You influence people with your aura and other people influence them with theirs. Your aura can help bring people who resonate at the same frequency to you and it will also make you choose which seat or room you may go into. You may get a sense or a vibe, it is wise to follow this as it may be your aura giving you some valuable information!

The aura also functions as a layer of protection for the rest of your self and each layer has its own individual function in which it gives you more information and function to help your life.

The 7 Layers of the Aura


The aura is split into 7 different layers and each layer has its own function. Each layer of the aura is also associated with a specific chakra and DNA strand. Each Layer of the Aura has a specific dimension, frequency, colour and location to it. As we have discovered in other blog posts on energy structures when we affect one energy structure we also affect the other energy structures we contain!

There are 7 layers to the aura

These are called:
The Etheric Body

This is the first layer of your auric body. This layer is the closest to your physical body and allows energy to flow to and through the meridians to circulate throughout the entire energetic and physical body.
Associated with the Root Chakra.

The Emotional Body

This auric body deals with the processing of our emotions and is associated with the Sacral Chakra. Through this auric level, we are able to process our emotions, however, of course, emotional processing is linked with the other energy structures in the body.

The Mental Body

This is the 3rd layer of the Aura. This is where all your thoughts and thoughtforms live. This is your thinking or ‘mental body’. When people are overthinkers or constantly worried or in their heads. You see this layer out of balance and you can see a number of occupants and attachments lie here. This layer of the aura is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra.

The Astral Body

The astral body is interesting. This is the start of ‘Harmonic Universe 2’ and is the start of our soul identity. This dimension is linked to astral projection and out of body experiences. You also enter this dimension when you go to sleep and enter the dream world. This is where you enter the astral dimension but your aura always has this layer and exists here at all times no matter what level of consciousness you are in. Awake or asleep. The Astral Body or the fourth layer of the Aura is associated with the Heart Chakra.

The Etheric Template

This is associated with the Throat chakra so it is the level of communication. When someone is highly developed spiritually there use this level or dimension to contact spirit or their higher selves. It is also the level in which we can access the “Akashic Records” and is a dimension which is a lot higher frequency and less dense and separate then the 3rd dimension we are primarily stationed in. Function = This is the 5 Dimension many people talk about. With ascension and 5D living. This auric layer is associated with the Throat chakra and is the 5th layer of the Aura.

The Celestial Body

Associated with the Thirdeye Chakra. This level of awareness is associated with the Angelic mind. This is meant to be the dimension in which angels are present and is often linked to your intuitive senses. This is the last layer of your soul identity.

The Ketheric Template

This is the first layer of your ‘Oversoul’ identity. It is also the first level of ‘Harmonic Universe 3’. This level of the aura is the 7th layer and is associated with the Crown Chakra.

7 layers of the aura



What makes a Healthy Aura?

A healthy aura, on the other hand, is a range of colours/associated with the chakras as a nice mix and it is smooth and bevelled. Your aura can let in and tune into positive frequencies, it can shield you from negative energies and if you do not resonate with negative frequencies then you will not ‘pick these emotions up’ or be as easily affected by others. This is why people who are extra sensitive to external energies should spend more time working on their auric health by removing the energetic blockages associated to each layer so they can have more personal power and be less or not affected by others.

Sometimes we can have attachments or anger spears located in the aura. This can look like spiky objects to someone who has trained themselves to see auras. Or someone who has trained themselves ‘clairvoyant’, ‘psychic’ ability.

As everything is based on intention and works a little differently too the dense 3rd-dimensional reality we live in. An aura can look different through the eyes of different people. But the message or energetic quality will be the same.

Everyone’s aura will be different as we are all unique energy beings. However, a clear or healthy aura should be like the following:

aura health


The following is a diagram of how all of the chakras and layers of the aura interlink. It also shows where the energy from the chakras flow.

Energy Field



How to improve your aura?

The Aura contains are TOP PRIORITY Energetic Blockages.

To improve your aura you can do many things. Like energy work or using your intention to help heal, or adjust the flow of energy. Of course, the main thing would be to change how you live your life also.

The aura contains are TOP Priority energetic Blockages and for this reason, it is very wise to clear all the top priority energetic blockages in the aura. The main energetic blockages we find in the aura are primarily; Occupants, Discarnets, Negative Thoughtforms and Auric Attachments.



When you continuously energise a soul fragment by falling into the same emotional patterns of fear, sadness, betrayal etc. The soul fragment gets so energised that it starts to take up a consciousness of its own and thinks it can run the show! These unresolved ‘ids’ or personalities, mostly from your past life experiences, are highly charged and magnetised. You can observe when an ‘Id’ or occupant becomes active in your field because you will react and feel very strongly about something, even if you are trying not to feel that way! Your mind, emotions and all aspects of your multidimensional reality, go into overdrive. Overthinking, negative thoughtforms, and an emotional rollercoaster. While you may even consciously realise the current issue you face is not such a big deal, due to past pain and trauma related to that experience causes to you react and feel so strongly about the current issue.


Discarnates are another form of energy sucking – and it is more common than you may think! Discarnets will attempt to block any healing sessions from being effective. Also, if you ever have had the moment of – “I don’t know why I did that, that was not me!”. You are most likely right. Discarnets are people we have previously known in past life’s who we have made detrimental agreements. Discarnates will have attaching mechanisms to us and to survive they need to feed off negative emotional experiences. Discarnates will project negative thoughts onto the person and try and create lots of DRAMA in their life. Discarnates will try and sabotage your life to feed off the negative emotional states you enter. When a soul is unable to transition after death, it gets stuck at the astral level. This place is where we go when we sleep or astral travel and is the 4th dimension of our reality. This is what we call ‘Discarnates’. These are actually way more common than you think! Usually, people show up to sessions with around 2 discarnates in their field. Even if you are a healer yourself (or have had lots of healing sessions), it is very likely you will still have a couple of discarnates in your field!


We also can have ‘Wormholes’ and ‘Portals’ in the auric field:



Portals are another high priority blockage we can remove in this session! Have you ever been with negative people and seem to have picked up their negativity or believe you have been psychic attacked? Well, we are all masters of our reality. This means that we have chosen to give others our energy subconsciously. Portals are usually from past lives, due to the trauma of a loved one, compassion, etc. These portals until consciously closed, affect your energy field daily and it is the reason why you let yourself subconsciously give your energy away to others (which negatively affects you). These portals in your auric field allow you to pick up negative energy from people, places and events, often leaving you with extreme fatigue, illness and depression.


Wormholes are multidimensional and are similar too ‘portals’. They negatively affect us by allowing other people/events etc. to take our energy and leave us with negativity! Wormholes are like tunnels to other dimensions in which entities can feed of a person’s life force energy.


The Auric Clearing Session

The Auric Clearing session is a very great session to have! It is also entirely different to many other sessions people tend to associate with an ‘auric cleanse or healing session’. An auric cleanse, balance or heal is using energy to regain the balance of this energy structure. You may raise the frequency of the aura or channel Reiki or other healing supportive energies to it in order for it to perform at its best function for where it is are you are in your current level of spiritual progress. This is akin to the ultimate healing session I facilitate where the aura is one of the many energy structures I heal, balance, raise the frequency and optimise!


How is the Auric Clearing session different?


In this session, you are removing auric attachments, occupants, discarnets, soul fragments, negative thoughtforms, portals and wormholes etc. These are located in the aura as they are your TOP PRIORITY energetic blockages! This session is focused on removing, energetic blockages PERMANENTLY on all 15 dimensions of awareness. These energetic blockages will not regenerate as they are permanently transmuted. You can choose to let your aura be affected by other people, but this is not something which affects the benefits of this session. So, that means you will be less affected by people after removing these blockages.

So in an Auric Clearing session, you will remove many of your TOP PRIORITY Energetic Blockages, which are formed primarily by past traumatic experiences.

This is important as it will draw in similar events/people/places/ and situations based on the frequency of your auric field. These are always ‘on’ and always attracting and manifesting. If you have a lot of traumatic experiences to do with betrayal, it will condition your entire life. It will also pull in more of that experience due to the law of resonance.

When you receive an Auric Clearing session you are affecting every level of awareness! Remember we said that each energy structure is linked. Well, when we are removing layers of ‘analogical experiences’ in the aura we are also removing them from the chakras, meaning your chakras will be more open and harmonious. In fact, when performing these sessions we navigate the auric field by using the chakras and activating ‘Harmonic Resonance Codes’.

We have many many layers of occupants, portals, soul fragments and the other aspects we will clear in this session. Remember, a lot of these blocks are formed in previous lifetimes and are affecting us today. Once we stop their influence, we can have more conscious control over our life and feel a new sense of freedom we may not have experienced many many lifetimes!

It is important to note that Occupants and Discarnates will try to block healing sessions from being effective! This is a reason why someone may hop to many different healing modalities and not experience much success or results!

I hope you realise the importance of the aura and what function it has now 🙂

Benefits of a Healthy Aura?

[+] The benefits of a healthy aura would be not getting triggered or influenced by outside influences.

[+] Physical health and vitality.

[+] Energetic Protection

[+] Better intuition and being able to energetically sense your environment.

If you haven’t had an auric clearing session yet then it is wise to do so, especially if you notice some of the symptoms above is true for you! The Aura contains are TOP PRiotirty blockages and will keep you locked into a certain frequency. It is most important to remove occupants and discarnets so you can be sure your intuition and the voices in your head is actually coming from your higher self and not occupants or discarnets etc. This will raise your frequency significantly and you will improve your whole energetic vitality.

You can book an Auric Clearing Session here:

Auric Clearing

Or for a discount you can remove ALL your top priority energy blockages and purchase all 3 clearings in series; Auric Clearing Session, Karma Removal, Shadow Self Integration.

Ultimate Clearing Session
Clear all your TOP PRIORITY energetic Blockages and MANIFEST your hearts desires!


Written by Mason Wilkins, Reiki Box Healing. All Rights Reserved. Copyright Reiki Box Healing

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