So you may have heard of the term ‘Kundalini’. In this blog post, I will go into what Kundalini Energy is and what it does.


What is Kundalini Energy?


Kundalini Energy is dormant in most people, however, everyone has a Kundalini! It is an essential requirement to be alive. Kundalini energy is stored in the base of the spine and as a person progresses on their spiritual journey the kundalini energy can move up the spine and in cleansing and raising the frequency of the chakras.

Kundalini energy is an energy that connects to mother earth. It comes from Earths core and rises through the Earths layers and into the base of the spine, where the root chakra is located. The Kundalini in the person then runs up the spine and ideally out the top of the head.

When a Person reaches a stage in their spiritual evolution where there Kundalini Energies raise up from the base of the spine out of the top of the head (where the crown chakra is located). We call this a Kundalini Activation or a Risen Kundalini.

The Kundalini energy helps to cleanse each of the embodied chakras to cleanse themselves and offers energy from the core of the earth to the persons morphogenetic field.

Kundalini energy is great for accelerating someones spiritual progression and is often revered highly in the spiritual community.

Kundalini energy is often referred to as intense. It can be hot and can take a while to get used to. There are some cases of spontaneous Kundalini awakening and Kundalini Syndrome, where people have activated their Kundalini energies and have a hard time to adjust to these frequencies. However, there is nothing to fear as the Kundalini is a great and loving source of energy to help you in your life’s journey.


How To Tell If You Have An Active Kundalini?


If you haven’t had your Kundalini Activated by someone either manually or from an attunement (like Kundalini Reiki for example) and you were unsure if it was activated it most likely could do with being stronger. Most people tend to work on improving and strengthening their Kundalini energies over time. A common practice to help this is called Kundalini Yoga which uses certain Yoga poses to help stimulate and awaken the Kundalini Energy.

A way to assess if you have an activated Kundalini is by trying out the following exercise; put your hand over your head and feel about. What you are looking to do is see if you can feel, see or sense the Kundalini flame their intuitively.

What do get? Ask and you will find a quiet answer inside. Try to focus in and feel the Kundalini energy. Observe it and see how it moves and flows and feels. If you are not energy sensitive this is maybe a hard task to do, but like all things the more you practice the easier it becomes. The other reason for you not being able to sense the energy is due to energetic blockages and distortions in the DNA.

When intending to feel this energy, you can actually amp it up, so to speak. Increasing its strength and power. You can quite noticeably feel this and all you have to do is intend it to increase its flow. Have a play, intention is key.

When we have a full moon our energy is amplified and we are much more sensitive to the energy structures in our bioenergetic system. For this reason, it may be a good time for you to test out these exercises when there is a full moon! This knowledge helped me understand why I have always been able to ‘tense’ or ‘activate’ certain energies in my body. This was something I was puzzled with for a long long time! I wondered what this energy sensation was when I had no knowledge of spirituality or energy at all! However, if you can feel this too, then this maybe be a fantastic realisation for you just as it was for me! So take some time to reflect and try the exercise out 🙂

Stages of Kundalini Activation

Kundalini energy will progressively move from the 1st chakra or root chakra and will raise up to each chakra throughout time. For some people, this happens quickly and for others, it may take a number of years.

It is said that depression is where the Kundalini energy has raised to the 6th chakra (third eye). Whilst it is here it is cleansing the brain and the issues related to the 6th chakra. These are issues to do with intuition and seeing the world clearly. This often sparks a lot of change and can be sobering to experience yourself and the world with a ‘new pair of eyes’.


How Can You Activate Your Kundalini?


Everyone has a Kundalini, as we have previously discussed. However, it can increase in strength and raise in frequency as we remove blockages and distortions in the DNA. The ultimate way to Activate your Kundalini would be too first remove all your top priority energetic blockages affecting the source of the 7 embodied chakras. Then it would be necessary to remove unnatural implants and distortions to fully activate the Kundalini. As without this, there can be blockages such as being in a certain frequency fence and it will not be able to run as smoothly.

Finally, you can intend to activate it and if you have released a wide range of energetic blockages and activated your DNA. You will see results in the Kundalini as your whole energetic system is linked and in turn affects each other.

However, to ensure your Kundalini is risen and activated and raised to its highest frequency holding potential for yourself right now. I would suggest the following:

1) Learn Kundalini Reiki

Kundalini is super effective and super simple! It is much more stronger than Reiki by its self! If you would like to know more about what Kundalini Reiki is, please click this link.

2) Have someone Manually Activate Your Kundalini

This would be the ultimate option. Even if you have had the Kundalini Reiki attunements (optional) it is still better to get your Kundalini activated by someone. This is because this is a manual process and it ensures that you have removed blocks to its energetic flow and it is activated and risen to its full potential for you right now.

> Click here to Learn More about the Kundalini (and Chakra) Activation Session <


Thanks for reading,
Mace [Reiki Box Healing]


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