Kundalini Reiki is a simple and effective spiritual healing and self-development tool! It is a much stronger version of traditional ‘Usui Reiki’ and it doesn’t require the hand positions and symbols. Kundalini Reiki is a different form of energy than traditional Usui Reiki. This is because it combines the Kundalini Energy (energy from the earth) along with the Reiki energy. This makes it much more effective and reduces the time needed to channel this energy. When a person receives all 3 Kundalini Reiki ‘attunements’ they then become a Kundalini Reiki Master. The attunement is a way of using energy to awaken and allow the practitioner to awaken their Kundalini Flame and to also gain access to the Usui or traditional Reiki Band of energies.

Kundalini energy is energy from the earth and is said to travel from the root chakra in multiple snake-like movements up the body out of the top of the head. There are many different supportive healing energies you can receive or become a ‘Master’ off, traditional Reiki is just one of the most famous types. Each healing system will have different qualities. They may be more suited to healing certain things or be different in the way they feel or the process in which they help serve the client. Each healing modality has its own unique flavour or quality. Kundalini Reiki is a rather empowering form of Reiki and is great for personal success, energy and ‘going in’ and healing issues you may be dealing with. It gives you a range of functions and is able to help with most intentions. A typical Kundalini Reiki session is often short as the energy stops sending after 5 mins (whilst the recipient may feel the energy lasting a little longer than that). Part of the reason for its short length is that it is 300 times stronger than traditional Usui Reiki Healing! The reason for this is that the Kundalini flame coming from the earth energies greatly strengthens the Reiki energy coming from the godhead/universe/heavens.


What is the Kundalini?


The Kundalini is one of your energy structures. Just like we have an Aura, Chakra and Meridians. The Kundalini is the energy that comes from the core of the earth and into the root chakra and then from the root chakra through all of the embodied chakras and out the top of the head! The purpose of having this energy structure is to draw frequencies from the earth into our morphogenetic field.

You could say you are like a battery and the earth is your charger. If you are able to draw frequencies form the earth to your system efficiently. This will have a big impact on you in many ways.

The Benefits of Kundalini Reiki


When someone has an active Kundalini Flame their frequency rises and they are much more spiritually advanced. This means that symbols are not needed as the Kundalini Master is more able to affect people with their intent. As they become more powerful and become powerful manifesters. This is why many people associate wealth and power/spiritual strength to Kundalini Masters. Their ability to affect the ‘matrix’ using thoughts/intention alone to direct energy. After receiving Kundalini Reiki Level 3 you will then become a Kundalini Master, this then affects the entire energy system and strengthens the chakras and kundalini channel dramatically.

Some of the benefits include:

[+] Increased Energy

[+] Better Health & Vitality

[+] Increased Spiritual development

[+] An increased feeling of oneness

[+] Better insight into your life

[+] Healthier and cleaner energy body

[+] Channel Higher Frequency Healing (such as Reiki etc)

[+] Increased Protection

[+] Increased Grounding

[+] Become a Higher Frequency

[+] Increased Personal Spiritual Development

[+] Stronger Personal Power

[+] Increased Resilience and strength against emf.


An additional BONUS is that after your kundalini has been activated it raises up through all your chakras and it will continue to clean and cleanse them.


Receiving a Kundalini Reiki Session


Receiving a Kundalini Reiki session is like any other Reiki session. You will be receiving life force energy. To prepare for a Kundalini Reiki session it is best to lie down in a quiet space and rest to receive the energies from the Kundalini Reiki Master. The Kundalini Reiki session will, however, be different in that the energy will feel different. Especially if you are sensitive to energy, you will feel its higher frequency and it will be a different experience. As Kundalini Reiki is a much higher frequency Reiki energy and has the combined energies of the earth. The sessions are usually shorter however equal or more effective than traditional Reiki sessions. The effectiveness of the Reiki session has a lot to do with how spiritually progressed the Reiki practitioner is. If they have worked on themselves a lot and have a lot of experience with energy healing you can be sure that your session is a lot more effective. Kundalini Reiki is a great sign of spiritual mastery as it requires a certain level of consciousness to become a Kundalini Reiki Master and in doing so strengthens the energetic systems greatly.


Kundalini Reiki Clearings

Kundalini Reiki

Kundalini Reiki comes with other functions or energies as part of this great healing system. When you are a Kundalini Reiki Master, you are also able to perform a number of clearings on yourself and others.

The Kundalini Reiki Clearing are the following sessions:

Diamond Reiki:

This is like an amped up Kundalini Reiki Session. It works by placing an etheric Diamond Crystal in the Crown Chakra. Then as Reiki energy flows through the crystal it is amplified and takes on the properties of a Diamond itself (purity). This is a strong form of healing and is very enlightening. The Diamond Reiki Sessions are best used when there are no unresolved problems.

Crystalline Reiki:

Throughout our lifetimes we may have repressed emotion and in particular, traumatic events. When we do this, we create small deposits of certain crystals in the body! A trauma can be physical pain like a broken bone or it could be an emotional cause like heartbreak or betrayal. When these issues are not consciously dealt with, a small crystal forms in the body and stores and imprint of the feelings and memory of that certain traumatic experience. Once there are no unresolved emotions to the traumatic experience we are able to heal the crystals associated with that issue. The difference with this session is that it cannot be done through distant healing and can only be done in person. It only requires one session of 15 minutes to be a complete treatment.

DNA Reiki:

In this session, we are able to help to heal our DNA strands and any negative inherited genetics and diseases imprinted in the DNA. It is said that you will see noticeable results after the first 3 weeks and you only need one session for a full treatment

The trauma of birth:

Being born is most often the most severe trauma we experience! This session allows your self to have a gentle release of all issues concerning this. Only one session is required for a full treatment.

Location Reiki:

We can form karmic ties to places, this will often influence our physical health and keep us in negative karmic cycles. It only takes one session for the treatment to be complete.

Past life Reiki:

This helps heal blockages from previous lifetimes. It takes 3 sessions to have a complete treatment.


How can I get involved with Kundalini Reiki?


If you have read this post and it has sparked your interest to get involved with Kundalini Reiki. Then thats great! It really is a great way to improve you spiritually and of course to help you to develop and progress in your life and towards your goals.


How can you get started? 

Decide whether you would like to receive a single healing session, or if you would like to learn how to channel Kundalini Reiki yourself. I would urge you to give becoming a Kundalini Reiki Master a go yourself! Why? Because you get so many benefits, by being attuned and if you would like to enjoy the benefits of unlimited Kundalini Reiki Sessions. You will be able to perform sessions on yourself (and others) whenever you would like to! It is so simple to get involved, in fact, each level only requires you to read a page of A4 and you are good to go and explore the world of Kundalini Reiki!

In short, Kundalini Reiki is a safe and powerful way to accelerate your personal/spiritual progress.

To become a Kundalini Reiki master yourself, you can be personally attuned to these energies from me (Mace). Click the link below to become a Kundalini Reiki Master Teacher Now!:

> Become a Kundalini Reiki Master Teacher! <


If you are interested in Activating and Raising your Kundalini but you are not into Reiki then take a look at the following:

> Activate Your Kundalini & Chakras <

The session above also improves your Kundalini after receiving your Kundalini Reiki attunements. It is best to take a Kundalini Reiki attunement before the above session if you want the maximum results.

Kundalini Reiki

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