Reiki, pronounced RAY-key, is a form of energy healing. It has its modern origins in Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), which has been practised for more than 5,000 years and is well-researched as an effective approach to maintaining health and healing if there is any disease present. Reiki is a form of spiritual healing with the intent of bringing back the mind, body, emotions and spirit into alignment and balance.

Reiki is a relatively new form of TCM, developed in the late 1800s in Japan based on ancient methods first mastered in Tibet. Reiki is a form of energy-based healing. The word rei means spirit, and ki implies qi or chi (pronounced CHEE), our vital energy. Some people translate reiki as universal life force energy, that is, what makes us alive. You can go one step further and say that everything is energy, even inanimate objects like the phone or computer screen you are reading this on. Thus, Reiki is channelling the life force currents that allow everything to exist in balance and harmony.

How can Reiki help?

We have so many demands on us every day, it’s easy to start feeling run down and out of balance. Primarily if you are working a job that is not your passion or part of your soul mission and the reason you are alive! Reiki can boost your physical energy and vitality. It also brings into balance your energy structures and in turn, your life. This natural life force energy will flow throughout your body and energy structures to where you need it so you can maintain optimal health. If you are new to spiritual healing or Reiki. You must come to the realisation that everything is made of energy and there is a lot of scientific data to represent that. However, no knowledge of reiki or even BELIEF is required to benefit from Reiki! This is not just a ‘placebo’ and is a very valid form of healing and a tool for personal and spiritual development.

Reiki is used to generally support a healthy lifestyle and help with a wide range of intents. Some can be helping you to achieve success, health, emotional management (stress, depression etc.), or to become the best version of yourself. Studies have shown that Reiki offers multiple health benefits, including:

* Pain relief, even from chronic pain
* Lower blood pressure
* Better sleep
* Less stress
* Greater clarity of mind, and much more.

A union of body, mind and spirit
No one can perform at our best when we feel drained, foggy, or sick. When we are stressed out, we can literally feel sick to our stomach, and we can explode with emotion.


So, how do you get started?

I offer a few PROFOUND sessions to help you in your personal spiritual development.

Reiki Box Healing







I am currently offering a Reiki Box Healing you can get in for 21 days free! This isn’t as powerful as a single 1-1 Reiki session. However, the intent is to give you DAILY energetic support. This is to help you over time and create some lasting change.

The ‘Ultimate Healing Session’

Ultimate Healing Session
This is the same as a Reiki Healing session, but SO much more. This session is the findings of my work with more than 50+ different energy techniques and energies. I use a variation of different energy healing techniques to optimise each and every part of you. It is really in depth and is really effective! This can help with a wide range of intents, relationships, abundance, physical health. Or to just be the most optimal and successful version of your self!

Click here to learn more about the Ultimate Healing Session

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This helps you work towards whatever you are currently working on or even if you are just stuck or in the need of some growth and expansion!

Become a Healer!

You can learn to heal yourself with Reiki. It is so easy! All is required is intent to heal. (Tip: Even the hand positions are NOT needed – sorry purists). Of course, you won’t be as effective as someone who has worked on themselves a lot more than you have. Or someone of a higher frequency and ability to go into deep states of mind (Theta and Delta) which the mastery of these healing techniques. However, an attunement itself will open a new world for you and give you the ability to be connected to some powerful healing energies to help you help yourself daily to improve and ignite your personal growth.

Once you have had your attunement, you can use Reiki for hands-on healing, on yourself, friends, family or even your own clients on the other side of the world.

See what a difference Reiki can make to your life! Claim your Power NOW!

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